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Bjs hours of Operation!

Looking for your favorite food options? Check out the hours for BJ’s Restaurants so you can plan your next visit. Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal or just want to grab a quick snack, BJ’s has something for everyone. Get started by checking out the BJs hours below.

About Bjs

BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings, Inc, more commonly known as BJS, is an American wholesale company that operates on the East Coast of the United States. The company offers a variety of products, including electronics and office supplies, sports and fitness equipment, furniture, outdoor gear, baby and toddler toys, grocery items, jewellery, and more. It is the third-largest wholesale club on the market after Costco and Sam’s Club. The Company has stores across Bradenton, Warrington, Middleburg Heights, Jersey City, Newark, Woodbury.

BJs Hours

Finding time to shop at the Wholesale Club BJ’s can be difficult. However, to make it more convenient, we have provided all the information you need about the store’s hours of operation on regular days and holidays. You can find out What time BJS Open and What time BJS Close, as well as the BJ’S Wholesale Hours, by referring to the information below. Knowing the BJ’s Wholesale Club Business Hours ensures you have enough time to shop for your products.

BJs Weekday Hours

Bjs operates following a common schedule throughout the week, which can be easily found online. However, it becomes difficult to look for the Opening and Closing Sessions of BJ’S since there are plenty of locations. Thus, we have mentioned a generic timing that the majority of the stores follow. Few Locations timings may vary slightly and also in the cases where a holiday comes in between regular days. Find the details like What time BJS Open Today and What time BJS Close Today by going deep into the article.

DayBJS Opening HoursBJS Closing Hours
Monday9 AM9 PM
Tuesday9 AM9 PM
Wednesday9 AM9 PM
Thursday9 AM9 PM
Friday9 AM9 PM
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BJs Weekend Hours

BJS Operates even on Weekends, same as on Weekdays, and you can head to the stores for any need without hesitation. However, do remember there will be a limit on the operational timings on Saturdays and Sundays compared to regular days. Check out the Opening and Closing Times of the BJ’s during Weekends if you are about to reach the BJ’s for any assistance.

Saturday9 AM9 PM
Sunday9 AM7 PM

Bjs Holiday Hours

Learn about When BJ’s Open and Close. Usually, on holidays you find time to shop for business and home products and bother whether BJS is Open Today or not. You need not worry as we have listed the holidays’ list of BJ’s so that you will have an idea of when to visit. Furthermore, in the further modules, you will learn about the details like on which holidays BJ’s Opens and on which holidays BJ’s Closes.

St. Patrick’s DayOpen
Martin Luther King DayOpen
Columbus DayOpen
Independence DayOpen
New Year’s DayClosed
Christmas EveOpen
New Year’s EveOpen
Easter SundayOpen
Labor DayOpen
Memorial DayOpen
Thanksgiving DayOpen
Presidents DayOpen
Christmas DayClosed


Does BJS Opens on Christmas Day?

No, BJS is Closed on Christmas Day.

Does BJS Open on Sunday?

Yes, BJS is available for business on Sunday and you can visit the store between the timings 9 AM – 9 PM.

What time does BJ’s opens and closes?

Most BJ’s Wholesale Club locations are open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. However, it’s always best to check the branch locator for today’s hours or hours on other days before making a trip.


We hope you enjoyed this article on BJ’s hours and holiday hours. The information provided within this article should help you plan your shopping excursions around BJ’s and help you get the most for your money. Please visit BJ’s official website for more information about BJ’s services.