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Great Chance to Win $500 Gift Card via Casey’s Online Survey

Casey’s is known to be the fourth largest convenience store chain in the United States. It has expanded to sixteen states and has more than 2000 stores. Casey’s is well known for its scratch pizzas, sandwiches, sides and snacks, beers and a variety of essentials. They take a customer satisfaction survey from customers’ for valuable feedback regarding Casey’s to improve their services. Casey’s feedback survey is a questionnaire for the customers to answer.

The Customer Satisfaction survey conducted by Casey’s helps their business to grow by knowing the opinions of their customers about their products and services. The survey allows Casey’s to improve their customer services. It will guide Casey’s to expand their business by understanding their customer base. This provides an honest platform for the customers to present their views to Casey’s. The participants of the survey also receive free coupons and other rewards. So, whenever you walk out the doors of Casey’s, do not forget to take your receipt, participate in Caseys feedback, and earn various offers and rewards.

Importance of Caseys Feedback Survey

As time passes by, Casey’s is growing and expanding from one place to another. This would not be possible without its customer base. Casey’s feedback survey establishes a loyal and honest interaction with customers. It is extremely helpful for Casey’s as it helps them know how the customers receive their products and whether they are satisfied with the products and services. It helps Casey to find areas of improvement. As the survey is beneficial for the company, the customers’ appreciation and criticism hold an important value. Their feedback survey is not just about their product but also their services.

Casey’s survey questionnaire aims to achieve the areas where Casey needs to focus and the areas where they are appreciated. It also gives them an insight into their staff’s performance. It is their prime responsibility to know whether the customers are satisfied with Casey’s services. Casey’s rewards their customers for taking survey. Rewards can be in the form of offers, coupons or a chance to enter Sweepstakes and win prizes up to $500.

Casey’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules and Regulations

Survey‌ ‌Name‌ ‌‌Casey’s Customer Survey
Time‌ ‌to‌ ‌complete‌ ‌‌5 to 10 minutes 
Receipt‌ ‌Validity‌ ‌Period‌ ‌7 days
Casey’s Website‌ ‌Link‌ ‌‌
Survey‌ ‌Page‌ ‌‌
Rewards‌ ‌$500 Gift Card
  • Your age should be above 18 years.
  • You must have a valid store receipt of your previous visit to participate in the survey.
  • There can be only one entry in Casey’s pizza survey with one receipt per month.
  • Casey’s feedback survey participants must be legal residents of Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.
  • All the employees and their relatives are not allowed to enter the contest.

Casey’s Rewards for Entering Survey

Casey’s will thank their customers for participating in Casey’s feedback survey through rewards. The reward for participating in the Customer feedback survey is a chance to win gift cards worth $500 in sweepstakes contest. Apart from the Sweepstakes contest, the customers also get discounts, free coupons and offers on various other products. You can use these offers and get a discount on your next purchase. Some customers also get fuel discounts. Casey’s also provides gift cards, or you can earn points with rewards. Whenever you visit the store, you might get a chance to get a free pizza, local school donations and Casey’s cash to use at the store.

How to Take Part in Casey’s Feedback Survey Online?

1. On your device, go to your browser and open Caseys feedback website:

Casey's feedback survey page

2. When the page is opened, it will ask you to provide the 18 digits survey number on your receipt and the date of the purchase.

3. After entering the survey number and the date, you have to click on the red ‘Start’ button.

4. After clicking on the start button, you will be taken to the next page, containing a set of questions. Most of the questions are in objective form.

5. Casey’s customer feedback survey consist of questions regarding the store and your experience.

6. After completing the survey, you will get a chance to enter the Sweepstakes contest.

7. You must provide your name, mobile number, and email id at the end of the survey to enter the Sweepstakes contest.

Survey Caseys Prerequisites to Give Feedback

  1. You must have a valid email id and phone number.
  2. As it is an online survey, you must have a stable internet connection.
  3. You must have a device like a phone, desktop or laptop etc., to fill this online survey.
  4. You should have sufficient knowledge of two languages- Spanish and English to fill the feedback survey.

Other Ways to Enter Casey’s Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes Contest is the reward for the customers for filling in Caseys survey. Here, participants make entries during the Sweepstakes Period, and the lucky winners are given the prize of gift cards worth $500.

You must fill Casey’s feedback survey form to enter the contest, or you can also send an email to The email should include your full name, address, contact number, birth date, and email address. The subject of your email should be “Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes.”

Caseys Sweepstakes Rules

  • Entries should be made by the person whose email id has been used to make the entry. 
  • The person must provide his/her identity proof of the authorization of his account. 
  • You must submit your entries during the Sweepstakes period only. 
  • If you submit your entry before any Sweepstakes period, that would be considered as invalid as the computer system used by Casey’s is the device to keep time.
  • The winner is selected randomly by Casey’s, and it is done within 7 working days after each Sweepstakes period.
  • Emails are sent to the Casey’s survey winners. 
  • The winner will be awarded gift cards worth $500.

Casey’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Questions

The Casey’s feedback survey questions are related to your experience at the store and various fields such as service at the store, quality of food, the overall ambiance at the store and other products. It has questions like: 

  • How was the ease of moving through the aisles while shopping?
  • How satisfied were you with the speed at the checkout section?
  • Was it easy to locate the products?
  • Were you satisfied with the selection of the fashionable style?
  • Rate the cleanliness at the store.
  • Whether you will recommend it to other friends or not?

Company Contact Details

  • Phone Number: (866)922-0767
  • Casey’s Hours of Operation: 24/7
  • Guest Support Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Casey’s Headquarters address: Casey’s General Store, One SE Convenience Blvd. Ankeny, IA 50021, United States

About Survey Company

Established in 1968, Casey’s began its journey as a general store in Boone, Iowa. Casey’s is one of the renowned convenience stores in the Midwestern and Southern United States. The specialty of this chain is that it has been providing delicious handmade pizzas for more than 35 years. They have a variety of options you can choose from. Apart from the pizzas, the store also provides essentials, chips, snacks, sides, and sandwiches. The store provides rewards, and on purchasing items from the shop, you will earn points. Those points can fetch you free pizzas, fuel discounts, and other offers.


Does anyone won Casey’s survey gift card?

Yes, you can verify the winners’ list in the official portal.

How do I make a complaint to Casey’s?

You can contact them through the customer support number (866)922-0767 or fill the contact form where you can mention your query and complaint.

How do you get free Pizzas at Casey’s?

You can get free pizzas through rewards when you earn points on your purchases. When you buy 10 large pizzas, you will get one free.

Is Casey’s pizza good?

Yes, they make fresh handmade pizzas and have the option where you can customize your pizzas. There are a variety of pizzas and other dishes on the menu.

What time does Casey’s open?

It is a 24/7 convenience store. You can go whenever you need.

What time does Casey’s close?

It is a 24/7 convenience shop. You don’t have to worry about its closing hours.

Who owns Casey’s general stores?

The CEO of Casey’s is Darren Rebelez since 24th June 2019.

Where is the nearest Casey’s store?

Use the store locater option on their website or app.

How many Casey’s stores are there?

There are 2146 stores in 16 states of the United States.

How to find balance in your gift cards?

There will be a security code on the foil of Casey’s gift card with which you can check the balance easily. If


Casey’s customer satisfaction survey is a good opportunity for people to get rewards and win gift cards. This survey enables its customers to present their thoughts about the company. This will help the company to upgrade its services and products. It has made its place in people’s hearts as it grows from one town to the other. Customer feedback helps to validate the decisions taken by the company.

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