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Getgo Rewards

Getgo Rewards is a rewards program that offers members discounts and perks at Getgo locations. Sign up for an account online or at any Getgo location to join. Once you’re a member, you’ll earn points every time you purchase Getgo. Customers can redeem them for discounts on fuel, car washes, and more. Plus, members get exclusive access to special deals and promotions. So if you’re looking for a way to save money at Getgo, sign up for Getgo Rewards today. Also participate in Getgo Listens Survey to earn free Getgo giftcards.

Getgo Myperks Rewards Program

GetGo is a friendly and welcoming convenience store brand throughout Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. As a member of the Giant Eagle family, you’ll find what you’re looking for while travelling. You’ll also accrue points as a participant in the loyalty programme fuelperks+, which is accepted at Giant Eagle, Market District and Rickers. Please be aware that this loyalty programme typically applies to your GetGo transactions.

How to enter Getgo Rewards Program?

Firstly, to join the my perks rewards program of Giant Eagle, visit their website and enroll for the program by creating an account. When you register for a new account online or via the app or enrol a new card at Giant Eagle, your report will be automatically enrolled in Giant Eagle’s myPerks loyalty program. If you have questions about this process, please get in touch with their Customer Service.

The Giant Eagle fuelperks+ programme is open to US residents who are 18 years of age or older and in good standing with Giant Eagle, who have signed up for the Giant Eagle Advantage Card, and who have either a valid Giant Eagle Advantage Card®, a valid Ricker’s Reward card, or a digital account on or in the Giant Eagle or using Getgo Giftcards.

Earning These Perks

You earn perks every time you make a Qualifying Purchase at Giant Eagle, Market District, and GetGo (Participating Locations). Every gallon of fuel you pump at GetGo earns you two perks. For every 50 perks accumulated on Qualifying Purchases, you will receive a reward of 2% off your next grocery order (up to 20% off any single order) or 10% off per gallon of gas at GetGo. Participating Locations will occasionally offer limited-time promotions that, if taken advantage of, will earn bonus perks in addition to the perks listed in these terms.

Redeeming Perks

The newest version of the physical Card is ready to earn perks immediately, but you must visit and enrol the Card under your name to start redeeming perks. You can use your rewards to save on the cost of groceries or fuel. You’ll earn a discount of up to 20% off any grocery order (in a single transaction of up to $10,000 in qualifying purchases) or as much as a free tank of gas (up to 30 gallons of fuel in a single transaction for one vehicle). If your rewards exceed the current fuel price or are above 20% may be used on a future shopping trip.


How many Perks do you get with Getgo?

Earn perks at GetGo, including up to 20% off groceries and up to 30 free gallons of gas. Begin by earning 50 perks! You can choose how to save! GetGo offers free food in-store!

Do you earn Perks on FuelPerks while redeeming?

When you redeem the big baskets in my perks programme, you do not earn perks on that transaction.

How long can I use My Perks?

Perks expire on a rolling Tuesday cycle, two months after they are earned. Customers are randomly assigned to the first, second, third, or fourth Tuesday of the month.

What is the best way to keep track of My Perks?

Download the Giant Eagle app to find out about your perks. You can also find out more information by logging into your Giant Eagle account on the website.


Getgo Rewards is a great way to earn benefits for your everyday purchases. With the number of rewards you can earn, it’s easy to see how this program can benefit you in the long run. Be sure to sign up and start taking advantage of all the benefits of participating in this program today!