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Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey | Earn Amazing Rewards

Checkers and Rally’s is an American-based restaurant chain dealing basically in fast food items including burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, shakes, chicken, soft drinks, etc. And such a popular restaurant has introduced a survey where they want to let their consumers efficiently share their customer experiences. Thus, Guestobsessed analysis, which is this brand’s feedback portal provides a great chance for all individuals to share their thoughts and opinions regarding this eatery.

Rally’s survey uses your provided information to fix issues in the required areas and improvise itself. This analysis obtains maximum information about their loyal and regular customers so that Checkers and Rally’s can make changes as per their customers’ wants. This online survey is easy to attempt by all individuals, as it is available online. If you have been to this eatery recently, you can easily take part in its analysis. You have to just visit its official feedback website and give honest answers to questions asked there. Also, when you have completed this survey, you get an opportunity to win a validation code. So don’t miss out on such an opportunity of getting Rally’s Checkers coupons for answering a simple few questions.

Importance of Guestobsessed Survey

Sole purpose of introducing this survey is Checkers and Rally’s want to make their customers happy and satisfied. There are some things you might not like at this restaurant, and this survey is a great opportunity for you to let them know about it. This analysis will let Checkers and Rally’s know everything about your visit to one of its outlets. This brand will seriously consider all your suggestions, compalints and other such feedback. They try and eliminate all things which bother their customers. They believe that their customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing of all. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, as beleived by this eatery.

This survey is quite a simple one and includes very basic questions about this brand. You can easily answer its questions depending upon your last visit to the store and mention anything from the taste of the food to sanitation around them. It is completely up to you what you mention and what not. You can mention their quality, quantity of food served, whether pricing was right or not, their Staff behavior and many more things. Checkers and Rally’s expectations from you is, to be honest, while participating in this analysis. They want to receive genuine feedback from its customers to improve themselves. Also, after the survey, you stand a chance of winning their free coupons, which are redeemable at the store. So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to voice out your opinion and win rewards.

Rules of Checkers & Rally’s Feedback Survey

Survey NameGuestobsessed Customer Satisfaction Survey 
Time to Complete 5-10 Minutes 
Receipt Validity Period7 Days
Survey Coupon Validity Period30 Days  
Website Link 
Rewards Gift Coupons

Following are some important rules and regulations you must keep in mind before providing feedback:

  • This survey is open only for legal residents of the United States of America.
  • To participate in it, you must be of at least 18 years of age.
  • You should have a purchase receipt of the restaurant to access its quesitonnaire.
  • Per receipt, per survey code only one entry is possible into Guestobsessed survey.
  • Validity period of receipt is only 7 days from the day of your visit. So ensure to provide feedback within that time limit.
  • You cannot transfer your prize to anyone.
  • Employees, staff, managers, directors or close family and direct associates shouldn’t participate.
  • Validity period of prizes is only 30 days. You have to claim it between those says.
  • You cannot claim coupons for cash. They are only redeemable in accordance with the reward as stated.
  • Winners are themselves responsible for the payment of tax.
  • You have to provide correct contact details so that you are notified when you win their coupons.

Checkers and Rally’s Customer Survey Rewards

Just by spending 5-10 minutes on your laptop or PC, you can win free coupons to your favorite store. Isn’t that amazing? After providing feedback, patrons will win free coupons that are redeemable. Those coupons will give certain rewards which is cherry on top. You may get a discount on your billing or get complimentary items when using these reward coupons. Thus, apart from stating out your opinions you will get rewards.

You get a validation code upon completing, which you have to write down on your receipt to redeem. Later, upon your next visit to this eater, when you take that receipt with a noted coupon code will give you offers. The receipt which has a prefixed offer will be redeemed for you with the coupon code that you received while completing this survey. Besides, there are different types of rewards for every receipt. So, before participating, check your receipt to know your reward.

How to Participate in Survey?

1. To start, go to Checkers and Rally’s smg official survey site.

2. Once you open the website, you will come across a page that will look like this:

Guestobsessed Survey Homepage Image

3. You have to choose either of the two options if you have a survey code on your receipt or not.

4. If yes, it will ask you to enter a 20-digit code on your receipt, after entering that code, click “Start”.

Checkers and Rally's Survey Code Image

5. If not, you will be asked to enter some basic details on your receipts, like Checkers and Rally’s 4-digit store number, date and time of your visit, and check number for this survey.

6. Double-check your details and click on “Next” to proceed.

7. After this, you will be asked your visit type, walk up, drive-thru, order ahead or delivery.

8. Then rate your overall satisfaction on the basis of your visit at this restaurant’s store.

GuestObsessed Customer Experience Survey Image

9. When done, you will be asked various questions about your visit to the store, like food quality, pricing, a number of orders, etc.

10. Once you are done with all those questions, click on “Next”.

11. After finishing, you will have to mention your name and contact details. Make sure you enter the correct email address because the coupon will be mailed to you via email.

12. After this, you will be asked to write about your visit, anything you want to tell the store.

13. Once done, click on “Submit”, and you are done. Note down the code on your receipt that is displayed on your screen and enjoy your free meal or other such offer on your next visit to this eatery.

Checkers and Rally's Guestobsessed Satisfaction Feedback

Checkers & Rally’s Restaurant Online Survey Prerequisites

To be a part of this feedback portal, you must have these things:

  • Since the survey is online, you must have a good internet connection.
  • You can give this survey using your laptop or PC.
  • Checkers and Rally’s survey is only available in English. So, one must know that language well.
  • A legitimate receipt of the store, inviting you to take part in this survey.
  • Ability to recall your experience at the store so you can answer questions honestly and genuinely.
  • A valid email address to receive your voucher.
  • You must have 5-10 minutes to complete this analysis.

Guest Obsessed Checkers & Rally’s Survey Questions

Here is a list of questions that will appear during this analysis:

  • Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Checkers and Rally’s.
  • Were you satisfied with the visual appeal of your food?
  • Please tell us how was the speed of receiving your order.
  • Please rate this firm’s staff behavior based on your satisfaction.
  • How accurate was your order?
  • Please rate your satisfaction with the taste of your food.
  • Were you satisfied with the price you paid?
  • Was the quality of the ingredients appropriate and up to the mark?
  • Please tell us if the portion size you received was satisfactory?
  • Please let us know if you faced any difficulties while giving your order to the order taker.
  • How was the overall cleanliness around you, based on your experience?
  • Please rate your satisfaction with the temperature of your food.

Checkers & Rally’s Contact Details

  • Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-800-800-8072
  • Checkers and Rally’s Working Hours: 10 am to 2 am
  • Support Hours: 24*7
  • Headquarters’ Address: 4300 West Cypress St Suite 600, Tampa, Florida 33606

About Checkers and Rally’s

Checkers and Rally’s were two different restaurant stores dealing with almost the same things. So, it was smart of them to merge. Checkers and Rally’s is the largest double drive-thru restaurant in the USA. This food chain runs its business under Checker’s and Rally’s restaurant’s flags. Checkers originated in 1986 in Mobile, Alabama, by Jim Mattei and went public in 1991. Rally’s was founded in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1985 by Jim Patterson. In 1991 and 1992, Rally absorbed Maxie’s of America, Snapps Drive-Thru, and Zipps Drive-Thru. Its headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida, United States. Checkers drive-in restaurant company operates Checkers and Rally’s stores in about 28 states and the District of Columbia.

Checkers and Rally’s focus is on motorists who wish to grab a bite or 2 on the go. Although, these restaurants have limited seating, but the drive-thru facilities are excellent. You can get food like burgers, sandwiches, hot wings, shakes, chicken, etc.


What time does checkers rally’s close?

Checkers and Rally’s generally close around 2 am, but it might vary from region to region.

What time does checkers rally’s open?

Depending on your region, this eatery’s opening timing might vary. However, most of its outlets open around 10 am.

Where is the nearest checkers? is the website to know about “Checkers and Rally’s Near Me”.

What is guest obsessed?

Guestobsessed is the online survey conducted by Checkers and Rally’s where people may win free cheese champ or sandwich or other such offers.

What is the type of burger from guest obsessed survey?

Type of burger that customers will receive as a reward for participating in the guest obsessed survey is Chicken burger. However, different consumers will get different offers as mentioned on their receipts.

What are the sandwiches I can get with the free coupon for the checkers survey?

Depending on the offer menitoned on your receipt, you may get any free sandwich with the free coupon received for partaking in Checkers survey.

Checkers and Rally’s why two different names?

Checkers and Rally’s were 2 different restaurants earlier, but later they merged, and decided to go on with their individual names.

Who owns checkers/rally’s?

Enrique Silva is the CEO of Checkers and Rally’s, although its parent organization is Rally’s Hamburgers, Inc.


Everything that you need to know about Checkers and Rally’s guest experience survey has been mentioned in the article above. After reading this whole article, you will be able to take up Checkers and Rally’s survey. All this brand wants from you is, to be honest, while giving your feedback as they look for a suggestion for improvement. So please answer all questions genuinely. It will not take more than 10 minutes of your time to complete the survey, so make sure you do it genuinely. Also, after completion of your survey, you get a chance of winning free rewards from the store.