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Little Caesars Menu

Little Caesars is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a quick and affordable pizza option. The menu features a variety of pizzas, as well as some side dishes and drinks. Prices are generally very reasonable, making it a great choice if you’re on a budget. Little Caesars Pizza is always hot and fresh – so you know it’ll be good!

Little Caesars Pizza Menu With Prices

The menu at Little Caesar’s offers a variety of pizza options. From specialty round pizzas to Detroit-style deep dishes, everything on this restaurant’s menu is really affordable and delicious. Little Caesars’ most popular dishes include ExtraMostBestest pizza, Detroit-style deep dish pepperoni pizza, pepperoni & bacon pizza, and slice-n-stix. You can get a delightful deal with Little Caesars survey here for around $10 to $15. Let’s check out Little Caesars’ complete menu with prices right away.

Little Caesars Hot and Ready Pizzas

Pepperoni Pizzalarge$6.00
Sausage Pizzalarge$6.00
Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dishlarge$12.00
Cheese Pizzalarge$6.00

Little Caesars Signature Favorites

Caesar Dip 1 Pc.$0.59
Caesar Dips2 Pc. $1.00
Crazy Combo – Bread & Sauce 8 Pc.$3.99
Italian Cheese Bread10 Pc.$4.59
Pepperoni Cheese Bread 10 Pc.$4.89
Zesty Cheese Bread 10 Pc.$4.89

Specialty Pizzas in Little Caesars

3 Meat Treat Large$8.00
Hula Hawaiian Large $8.00
Veggie Large $8.99
Ultimate Supreme Large$9.99

Little Caesars Sides

Crazy Sauce $1.16
Crazy Bread$4.67
Cookie Dough Brownie Made With Twix Cookie Bar Pieces $4.55
Crazy Combo $5.25
Caesar Wings – Buffalo $10.52
Caesar Wings – Oven Roasted$10.52

Little Caesars Thin Crust Pizzas

ExtraMostBestest Thin Crust Cheese$9.35
ExtraMostBestest Thin Crust Pepperoni$9.35
Thin Crust 5 Meat Fest$18.99
Thin Crust Sausage $13.99

Little Caesars Detroit-Style Deep Dish

Detroit-Style Deep Dish Sausage $11.69
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Cheese$11.69
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pepperoni$11.69

Little Caesars Drinks

Aquafina 20 oz $2.33
Diet Pepsi 2 Litre$2.33
Diet Pepsi 20 oz $2.33
Pepsi 20 oz $2.33
Sierra Mist 20 oz $2.33
Mountain Dew 20 oz$2.33
Pepsi 2 Litre$3.50
Mountain Dew 2 Litre $3.50

Little Caesars Bat Man Pizza

The pizza is folded into a bat shape with wings and stuffed with pepperoni. This pizza-calzone creation bears a striking similarity to the caped crusader’s famed logo. Pizza is topped with pepperoni, parmesan, and a buttery crust, similar to a calzone. Calzone has a garlic white sauce, cheese, and julienned pepperoni. It costs $7.99 and comes with Crazy Sauce. It will only be available for a limited time.

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How to Contact Little Caesars?

Little Caesars Corporate Address : 13222 Woodward Ave, Highland Park, Michigan 48203, USA

phone number : 1-(313)983-6409 , 1-800-722-3727

Supporting Hours: 10 am to 11 pm

Frequently Answered questions

Can we order Little Caesars food online?

Yes, you can order from Little Caesars through online and other food delivery apps like Doordash and Grubhub.

What is Little Caesars famous for?

Little Caesars is mostly famous for pizzas.

How many slices is a Little Caesars large pizza?

A Little Caesar’s large pizza contains 8 slices of pizza.

What are the most popular signature condiments by Little Caesars?

Garlic butter and jalapeno cheese dip are some of the popular dips and sauces available at Little Caesars.


The Little Caesars Menu is a favourite of many people as it offers some great deals that are affordable and delicious. The Little Caesars offers some of the best pizza at a great price. We hope you enjoy all the information we have to offer and that you learn new and important things about the Little Caesars Menu. Little Caesars is a great cheap pizza option for anyone looking for a quick and simple meal.