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Long John Silver’s Menu List With Prices!

Long John Silver’s is a fast-food restaurant chain specializing in seafood. Though they have a large variety of items on their menu, their most popular dish is the Long John Silver’s Platter, which includes fish, shrimp, and chicken. They also offer a wide variety of side dishes and desserts. Check out their full menu below to see all that they have to offer!

About Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver offers affordable prices so that you can satisfy your seafood cravings as often as possible. The chain gets its name from a fictional pirate from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island. You will also find many culinary treasures here.

The fast-casual restaurant chain has committed to providing healthier options for its customers. Its food contains no trans fats, which is harmful to the human body. Long John Silver’s menu features American classics like seafood main dishes (fish, shrimp, and clams), sides (hush puppies and coleslaw, corn: French fries, green beans, onion rings, and French fries), and chicken Planks (fried chicken fingers and baked cod). You can order individual portions (i.e. single items) or shareable (i.e. platters). Moreover, it is conducting Long John Silver’s Customer Survey for the customers to collect feedback and offers free fish, fish and chips or fries. As a reward.

Long John Silver’s Menu and Prices

Long John Silver’s is a seafood restaurant that offers a variety of seafood items. These include fish, shrimp, and chicken, as well as sandwiches and tacos. They also have a kids’ menu. They dedicate long John Silver to providing its customers with a healthier and improved experience. What sets this restaurant apart from others is its sea-themed ambience and menu. Not to mention, the prices on the menu are more affordable than other seafood eateries.

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Silvers Platters (Includes Choice of 2 Sides & 2 Hushpuppies)

2 Fish & 6 Shrimp$8.79
2 Fish, Chicken & 3 Shrimp$8.79
2 Fish & 3 Chicken$8.79
Super Sampler$8.79

Silvers Meals (Includes Choice of 2 Sides & 2 Hushpuppies)

2 Fish$6.89
Fish & 2 Chicken$6.99
3 Chicken$6.89
8 Shrimp$7.49

Silvers Combos (Includes Choice of 1 Side, 2 Hushpuppies & Drink)

2 Chicken$6.39
Fish & Chicken$6.59
2 Fish$6.59
6 Shrimp$6.99

Sievers family Meals (Mix and Match Fish and Chicken)

8 Pcs., 2 Family Sides & 8 Hushpuppies$22.99
16 Pcs., 4 Family Sides & 16 Hushpuppies$36.99
12 Pcs., 3 Family Sides & 12 Hushpuppies$28.99

Silvers Baked Meals (Includes Choice of 2 Sides & 2 Hushpuppies)

Baked Cod & Shrimp Platter$8.99
Cod & Shrimp Platter$8.99
Baked Cod$7.59

Sandwiches & Tacos (Combo Includes Choice of 1 Side & Drink)

2 Fish Tacos – Combo$5.99
Chicken Sandwich$3.79
Fish Sandwich$3.69
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Long Johns Silvers Sides

Green Beans – Individual$1.89
Sweet Corn – Family$3.99
Natural-Cut Fries – Family$3.99
Hushpuppies – Family$3.99
Mac N Cheese – Individual$1.89


Crab Cake$1.99

Kid’s Meal Menu (Includes Choice of 1 Side, Hushpuppy and Kid’s Drink)

Popcorn Shrimp$3.99


Soft Drink$1.99
Raspberry Splash, Tea, Lemonade or Sierra Mist$1.89


Slice of Pie (Pineapple Cream Cheese)$1.99
Slice of Pie (Chocolate Cream)$1.99


Fish & More Meal–2 Pc. Alaskan Whitefish, 2 Sides, & 2 Hushpuppies (Limited Time)$6.89
Fish & Fries (Limited Time)$1.99


Who owns Long John Silver’s?

Long John Silver’s is owned by LJS Partners LLC.

Is Long John Silver’s salmon good?

The Long John Silver salmon is so delicious that you might actually start eating cooked salmon compared to the other items.

What is the cost of Baked Shrimps?

The cost of baked shrimps in long John was $7.59.

What is the long John Silver’s 2 for 6 menu?

The 2 for $6 Mix & Match deal is still going on, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can! You can mix and match options like five-piece fried shrimp, two crab cakes, two-piece wild-caught fried Alaska Pollock, and three-piece chicken tenders for 6 bucks.


Long John Silver provides an extensive seafood menu in an oceanic setting, with the availability of seafood throughout its locations a problem due to the nature and market for seafood. However, Long John Silver has mastered its operations over the years, and almost all of its 1200 locations offer the same menu. The best thing about this fast-food chain is that it includes seafood in almost every dish it prepares; this restaurant is an excellent choice if you love seafood. Long John Silver’s menu prices can be very affordable. Moreover, if you want more information, visit Long John Silver’s official website.