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McDonald’s Rewards and Coupons

McDonald’s Rewards is a great way to save money on your favorite McDonald’s products. You can earn points by completing certain activities, such as making a purchase, and then redeem those points for coupons and discounts. You can also earn bonus points by referring friends or family members to join McDonald’s Rewards. Plus, there are no limits to how many points you can earn, so you can save up for big discounts on your next McDonald’s purchase.

About McDonald’s Restaurant

McDonald’s is an American fast-food restaurant chain and the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue. The company was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. As of today, it has more than 35,000 locations worldwide, including 120 countries on six continents. It serves 68 million customers every day. What makes McDonald’s so popular is its burgers, which are made from 100% pure beef and fresh vegetables that are served with a choice of sauces (not including special sauces). Also, McDonald’s is known for its Happy Meals for children under age 12 and for its coffee drinks that can be purchased with or without milk and sugar. No wonder most people around the globe know this brand by heart! McDonald’s is taking an interest in its customers’ opinions. The company provides the McdVoice survey to get feedback from consumers about their recent experience at McDonald’s.

How to Sign Up for McDonald’s Rewards Program

To get started, go to the app store on your phone and download the McDonald’s app. If you already have it installed on your smartphone, then congratulations, you’re automatically enrolled in McDonald’s Rewards. If not then you have a couple of options: either navigate to this page from your smartphone and click on either the App Store or Google Play link. From there, download the app. Once downloaded, open the app. Sign-in options include Facebook, Google, Email, or Apple (iOS only). You can also enter your birthday under More -> Profile -> Personal Settings. You’ll want to do this since McDonald’s will send you a birthday offer when you sign up for their rewards program. Also in the Profile menu is an option to enter your payment information if you plan on placing mobile pick-up or delivery orders through the app.

What are McDonald’s Rewards?

Join MyMcDonald’s Rewards and get free large fries when you download the McDonald’s app. You also have the opportunity to unlock free McDonald’s faves only in the app with 1500 bonus points after your first purchase. To check out this deal and others, as well as any promotional bonuses and your rewards, tap the “Rewards & Deals” tab located at the bottom of the app.

How to Earn McDonald’s Rewards Points?

Ways to earn McDonald’s Rewards points is by placing an order through the app. Here’s how it works:

  • Inside a McDonald’s restaurant: If you’re physically going inside a McDonald’s to place your order, then you’ll need to open up the app and have the cashier scan your QR code. The code can be found under the “Earn Points” tab.
  • Drive-Thru: Before you order, go to “Earn Points” and provide your 4-digit drive-thru code.
  • Mobile Pick-Up: If you place an order through the McDonald’s app for pickup, you’ll earn Rewards Points on that order. There’s nothing else that you have to do.

You earn 100 points for every dollar you spend on food, but only on the total bill. Points show up in your account within 24 hours, but often much faster. You can check the status of your points in the “Rewards & Deals” section of the McDonald’s app.

How to Redeem McDonald’s Reward points?

You can redeem a reward through the app, just as you earn points when you order through it. To redeem a reward, head on over to the “Rewards & Deals” tab and select one of your choosing. If you don’t have enough points for a reward, then it will be locked and cannot be selected. Next, you’ll be given two options:

  • Add to mobile order: Select this if you wish to place a mobile order and pick it up at a McDonald’s restaurant
  • Use at a Restaurant: Use this if you’ll planning on travelling to a local McDonald’s to place your order. You’ll then be given a four-digit code that you can use at the store or online (if you plan on going inside).

Redeem you MyMcDonald’s Rewards for:

Points can be redeemed for a variety of menu items at participating McDonald’s locations. The lowest tier, which unlocks a McChicken and vanilla cone, costs 1,500 points ($15 spent). Customers can spend up to 6,000 points on bigger ticket items like Big Macs. The other two redemption tiers are set at 3,000 and 4,500 points.

  • 1,500 points= Hash Browns, McChicken, Cheeseburger or Vanilla Cone
  • 3,000 points= 6 pc McNuggets, Medium Fries, Sausage Burrito, or Large Iced Coffee
  • 4,500 points= Large Fries, Filet O Fish, Large Frappe, or Sausage McMuffin with Egg
  • 6,000 points= Big Mac, Happy Meal Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

McDonald’s Coupons

Looking for some great savings on your next McDonald’s meal? Check out our coupons page! We’ve got a variety of coupons and deals available, so you can save on your favourite McDonald’s menu items. Plus, we’ve got a rotating selection of seasonal and limited-time offers, so be sure to check back often for the latest deals! Here are some of the coupons codes you can redeem:

Score $60 Off A Box With EveryPlate Discount Code72-HAX81
50% Savings Sale CertificatesEXTRA
Exclusive 20% Off Full Priced Orders Over £250 At Groomers OnlineNET20
Free 10 Piece McNuggets With $12 DoorDash PurchaseFOOTBALL
Extra $10 Off No Minimum @McDonald’sMACCASPO
Exclusive 12.5% Off APH Car Parks At APH8AVTXL
$5 Off For Mcdonalds.comPTNH
$3 Off Your Order Of $10 Or More At McDonaldSee Sale Details
Free Shipping Over £2571C20E8
£10 Sitewide And Free Complimentary DeliveryBRINGTI4FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy McDonald’s gift cards?

You can purchase Arch Cards from McDonald’s at retailers like Safeway, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Kohls, Ahold, Food Lion, and Amazon. Or, you can visit this website to learn more about the National Student Savings Program:

Who owns McDonald’s?

Since 1995, Ray Kroc has been the owner of McDonald’s fast-food restaurants.

How do I make a complaint to McDonald’s?

To make a complaint about McDonald’s, go to

How much are points worth?

Get 100 points for every dollar you spend on eligible products. You can start redeeming your MyMcDonald’s Rewards when you have 1500 points.

Do my points expire?

Unfortunately, points don’t last forever. Your points will expire on the first day of the month after six months from the day they were earned.


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