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Qdoba Menu With Prices

Qdoba Mexican Eats is a chain of fast-casual restaurants in the United States and Canada specializing in Mexican-style cuisine. As of December 31, 2018, Qdoba operated 739 restaurants. Qdoba was founded in Denver, Colorado, in 1995 by Anthony Miller and Robert Hauser. In 2003, Qdoba was purchased by Jack in the Box for $45 million. Qdoba menu items include burritos, tacos, quesadillas, taco salads, nachos, and sides such as chips and guacamole. They have started Qdoba Survey to know the ideas of customers about them and survey participants get to enjoy free chips as rewards.

Qdoba, the mexican restaurant with a wide variety of delicious and affordable food, offers many different menu items to choose from. Whether you are looking for something simple and light or something more hearty and filling, qdoba has got you covered. Today we’ll take a look at some of the tastiest options on the qdoba menu with prices.

Signature Flavours at Qdoba

Foodies rejoice! Qdoba Mexican Eats is now offering three new signature flavors, each with its own unique twist on classic Mexican cuisine. The first new flavor is the Spicy BBQ Burrito, which features a deluxe blend of smoky BBQ sauce, juicy steak, and fresh vegetables all wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla.

NEW Surf & Turf Bowl$12.75
NEW Surf & Turf Burrito$12.75
NEW Citrus Lime Shrimp Burrito$11.45
NEW Citrus Lime Shrimp Bowl$11.45
NEW Smoky Chicken Cheese-Crusted Quesadilla$10.50

Qdoba Group Meals

Qdoba meals are perfect for groups! You can customize each meal to include the Queso, Quesadillas, Nachos, or Enchiladas that your group loves. Plus, Qdoba offers a variety of Pepsi products to accompany your meal. It also has a Kids Meal option, so everyone in your group can enjoy their Qdoba experience. So whether you’re looking for a quick lunch break or a leisurely dinner with friends, checkout menu for qdoba.

Taco Kit (Serves 10)
Family Meals(Serves 4-5)

Qdoba Bowls

One of the most popular items on the Qdoba menu is the Qdoba bowl. It is a hearty dish that includes a bed of rice, beans, and vegetables topped with your choice of protein. You can also add Qdoba’s signature queso or salsa to your bowl. The Qdoba bowl is a filling and satisfying meal that is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

NEW Surf & Turf Bowl$12.75
NEW Citrus Lime Shrimp Bowl$11.45
Chicken Protein Bowl$11.15
Chicken Queso Bowl$9.85
Chicken Fresca Bowl$9.95
Cholula® Hot & Sweet Chicken Bowl$10.25
IMPOSSIBLE™ Fajita Bowl$11.15
Fajita Vegan Bowl$9.25

Qdoba Burritos

Qdoba specializes in burritos and other Tex-Mex cuisine. Their burritos are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and are big enough to satisfy even the hungriest of appetites. Qdoba also offers a wide variety of toppings and sauces, so you can customize your burrito to suit your taste. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic chicken burrito or something more adventurous. So next time you’re craving a delicious burrito, head to Qdoba and treat yourself to the best.

NEW Surf & Turf Burrito$12.75
NEW Citrus Lime Shrimp Burrito$11.45
Southwest Steak Burrito$10.85
Chicken Queso Burrito$9.85
Cholula® Hot & Sweet Chicken Burrito$10.25
IMPOSSIBLE™ Fajita Burrito$11.15

Qdoba Quesadillas & Nachos

Qdoba offer delicious Quesadillas and Nachos, bowls, salads, tacos, and more. Their Quesadillas and Nachos are some of the best I’ve ever had. The Quesadilla Qdoba special comes with chicken, cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, and sour cream. The Nachos Qdoba special comes with beef, refried beans, cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, and sour cream. So go out and enjoy some Qdoba today!

NEW Cheese Lovers Deal$13.45
NEW Smoky Chicken Cheese-Crusted Quesadilla$10.50
Steak Fajita Quesadilla$10.95

Salads at Qdoba

Salads are healthy and tasty alternative in case of having lighter food. Many restaurants offer different offer salad with their signature dressing. Similarly Qdoba is also offering variety of salads. For example, the Southwest Steak Salad, Tortilla strips and BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad . So next time you’re in qdoba, be sure taste qdoba salads.

IMPOSSIBLE™ Taco Salad$11.25
Citrus Lime Chicken Salad$9.95


Qdoba’s tacos comes with grilled chicken, cilantro-lime rice, black beans, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, and Qdoba’s signature 3-Cheese Queso. The Queso is what really makes this taco special. It’s a creamy, cheesy sauce that is the perfect finishing touch to this delicious taco. And at just under $5 for two tacos, it’s a great deal too! So next time you’re in the mood for some Mexican food, be sure to check out Qdoba’s tacos. You won’t be disappointed.

Street Style Chicken Tacos$9.85
Street Style Pulled Pork Tacos$10.45


How do you make use of Free Food in Qdoba?

The mobile QDOBA Rewards application won’t offer Free Entree Rewards. But you can still use your reward at the register by scanning the QR code on a reward card or online.

What is the healthiest meat at Qdoba?

Pulled pork is the best protein option available on the Qdoba menu. It surpasses other protein alternatives, such as inaccessible meat, in terms of protein and fat content.

Is Qdoba Queso good?

Qdoba queso is delicious compared to other stores and depends on personal choice.

What is in a Qdoba Burrito Bowl?

Qdoba Burrito Bowl consists of rice, chicken (or steak), beans, and pico de gallo. You can top the bowl with guacamole, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, cheese, corn, etc.

How many calories are in a steak burrito from Qdoba?

There are 1060 calories in a Southwest Steak Burrito from Qdoba.

Final Words

So this is about Qdoba menu items. Get to enjoy delicious meals at Qdoba restaurant. Hope this information helps you place an order for your next meal at Qdoba stores. Have a wonderful day with your family by munching on Qdoba dishes. Also, great offers await you at Qdoba Mexican Eats, so have fantastic fun.