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Sonic Menu Prices

Sonic is a fast-food chain with its headquarters located in Oklahoma, USA in 1953. According to recent surveys and stats, the restaurant has about 3,585 locations in the country. The hamburgers are cheesy and customers are thoroughly satisfied with the type of burgers served at Sonic. Coming to the hot dogs, launched only for a limited time, have been a hit among the customers. The chicken categories serve all the chicken favorites like chicken wings, sandwiches, and more. Apart from these sides customers can also order mozzarella cheese sticks and cheddar bites with ranch dressing.

About Sonic Drive-in Restaurant

Shawnee, Oklahoma’s Top Hat Drive-In is a burger joint with drive-thru window service. Troy Smith, Jr., opened the eatery who, with his wife and brother, decided to purchase the Top Hat in 1958.  Smith made several changes to the restaurant after taking control of it.  It switched from a vegetarian to a standard American menu, renamed itself Top Hat Hamburgers & Chili, and relocated to South Oklahoma City, offering both take-out and dine-in options.  While the fast-food industry continues its efforts to transform itself into a higher-end dining establishment, Sonic Drive-In is going the other way.

Sonic Drive-in Menu With Prices

The Sonic menu list consists of multiple categories, and the customers can choose from a wide range of options and affordable prices. The Sonic categories of the food menu are as follows: breakfast is best in the morning, kids’ meals provide nutritious food for children; sides and drinks are available for an additional cost; burgers, chicken dishes, hot dogs, and combos are offered for those who want something more substantial; and drinks are served all day long at various price points. Sonic Drive-in is also conducting a survey called Talktosonic and they collect feedback from its customers and offers exciting rewards to those who participate in the survey. Click on the link above if you wish to participate and know more about the survey.

Sonic Drive In Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Burrito $2.59
Breakfast TOASTER $2.89
Cinnasnacks – 3 pieces $2.89
French Toast Sticks and Syrup – 4 pieces$2.49
Cinnasnacks (Combo) – 3 pieces $3.89
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito $3.89
French Toast Sticks with Syrup and Drink – 4 pieces $3.49
Cinnasnacks – 5 pieces$3.99
SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito $3.89
Breakfast Burrito (Combo) $4.59
Cinnasnacks (Combo) – 5 pieces$4.99
Breakfast TOASTER (Combo) $4.89
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito(Combo) $5.99
SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito (Combo) $5.99

Sonic Combos

Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Large $4.99
Super Crunch Chicken Strips 5 Pc. $4.69
SONIC Cheeseburger $3.89
New York Dog – Combo $4.99
Classic Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy) $4.49
SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger$4.99
Footlong Quarter Pound Coney $3.69
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Medium $3.99
Chili Cheese Coney $1.99
Add (Crispy Bacon) $0.60
Add (American Cheese, Hot Chili or Spicy Jalapeños) $0.50
All-American Dog – Combo $4.99
Super Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner (Without Drink) 4 Pc. $5.69
Bacon Cheeseburger TOASTER – Combo $6.99
Super Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner (Medium Combo) 4 Pc. $6.79
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken – Combo Large $6.89
Chicago Dog – Combo $5.19
Bacon Cheeseburger TOASTER $4.99

Sides at Sonic

Ched ‘R’ Bites and Ranch (Family) $8.99
Handmade Onion Rings (Large) $3.39
Mozzarella Sticks and Marinara (Small) – 4 pieces $2.49
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken (Small)$2.99
Ched ‘R’ Bites and Ranch (Medium)$4.29
Ched ‘R’ Bites and Ranch (Mini) $1.59
Apple Slices$1.29
Mozzarella Sticks and Marinara (Large) – 8 pieces $4.79
Ched ‘R’ Bites and Ranch (Small)$2.99
Handmade Onion Rings (Small)$2.29
Handmade Onion Rings (Mini)$1.29
Mozzarella Sticks and Marinara (Medium) – 6 pieces $3.59
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken (Family) $6.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken (Medium) $3.99

Sonic Kids Menu

Grilled Cheese $3.08
Chicken Strips $3.70
Corn Dog $3.49
Beef Hot Dog$3.49
Jr. Burger $3.49

Sonic Drive In Drinks

Soft Drink (Iced Tea) Gallon $3.99
Soft Drink Small $1.19
Signature Limeades Medium $1.99
Candy Slushes Large $2.89
Candy Slushes Small $1.69
SONIC Wave Bottled Water $1.49
Soft Drink Medium$1.69
Soft Drink Route 44 $2.19
SONIC Splash Route 44 $2.19
SONIC Energy Drink Large $2.29
Premium Roast Coffee Regular $1.49
Premium Roast Coffee Large$1.79
SONIC Energy Drink Small $1.99
Famous Slushes Small $1.19
Real Fruit Slushes Medium $2.39
Famous Slushes Medium $1.99
Real Fruit Slushes Large$2.79
Candy Slushes Medium$2.49
Signature Limeades Large $2.29

Sonic Ice-Cream Menu

Sonic Blast Mini $2.89
Molten Cake Sundae $4.29
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes Medium $3.59
Master Shakes Mini $2.49
Old School Floats Large$4.39
Master Shakes Small $3.29
CreamSlush Treats Medium $3.59
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes Small$2.79
Old School Floats Small $2.49
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes Large$4.59
Old School Floats Mini $2.09
Master Blast Small $3.89
Vanilla Waffle Cone $1.99
Old School Floats Medium $3.09
Java Chiller Shakes Medium$3.39
Sonic Blast Large $5.49
Sonic Blast Small $3.39
CreamSlush Treats Mini $2.09
Master Shakes Medium $4.09
Master Blast Medium$4.59

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sonic have breakfast?

Yes, Sonic offers all-day breakfast.

How much is a Sonic cheeseburger?

Cheeseburger at Sonic costs around $4.

Is Sonic still doing half-price shakes?

Yes, Sonic’s half-price shakes begin at 8:00 p.m.

How much is a Sonic blast?

A Sonic blast costs between $3 and $6.


Sonic will have its new menu concept in the stores in time for dinner. All its new menu items offer you a choice of dressing, topping, and sauce. Sonic will also have its chop house menu where you can enjoy steak, chicken, and shrimp. You can have it with or without a bun or side. You will also be able to order a grilled chicken sandwich as a new menu item.

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