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Aldi Customer Satisfaction Survey | Golden Opportunity to Win $100 Gift Card

ALDI’s is one of the most famous and the most loved supermarket chains, spread over twenty countries with 10,000 stores. The supermarket is related to household necessities and everyday life essentials. It offers high-quality brands consisting of items like milk and gourmet coffee. is a customer feedback survey designed to know what their customers felt during their latest visit to this supermarket chain.

With this guest feedback portal, individuals can participate in the official tell aldi us survey to share their feedback. Besides, the aim of conducting this feedback is to improve services as per consumers’ needs. This also helps tackle the problems which customers have faced during their visit to this firm. Moreover, filling out this survey is one way to let this brand know about your latest shopping experience. Furthemore, upon completing this analysis, you will be entered into a prize draw for a $100 gift card.

Need to Take Aldi Guest Satisfaction Survey Online

As a full-service grocery store, Aldi needs your opinions to change and improve its facilities accordingly. So share your latest visit experience and tell the Aldi store what they could do better to improve their services and facilities. Your valuable feedback is the key to creating the best shopping experience during your next visit to it. As, this analyis is an online feedback survey, you can share your shopping experience in your free time within the comfort of your home.

This customer survey is designed to uncover patrons preferences and values while grocery items are shopping. It is conducted to collect the satisfaction level from consumers. It is important to have a voice to share your likes and dislikes so you feel better and the company knows the information they need to make necessary changes. This feedback helps Aldi tackle patrons’ negative reviews and improve them for a better cause. As a reward for leaving your feedback, you will be entered into a monthly prize draw worth a $100 gift card voucher. Hence, at the end of this analysis, you will be asked your personal details to enter into its montly sweepstakes.

Aldi Guest Experience Survey Rules and Regulations

Survey NameAldi Customer Survey
Time to Complete5-10 Minutes
Receipt Validity Period7 Days
Rewards$100 Gift Card
  • A consumer must have a valid purchase receipt from this brand to participate in this analysis.
  • Furthermore, all customers who are legal residents of USA are eligible to take part in Aldi’s online survey.
  • Only patrons of 18 years or above age must participate in this feedback portal.
  • Employees, partner companies, staff members or directors of the store are prohibited from participating.
  • Customers must enter sweepstakes to be able to win rewards.
  • Only two entrants per household can enter a monthly prize draw event at once.
  • One can enter the draw event once in 12 weeks only.
  • Rewards can neither be exchanged nor transferred to free cash.
  • Moreover, there will be 11 prize draw winners each month, and each winner will get a reward worth $100 gift card.

Aldi Survey Rewards

On successful completion of the Tell Aldi Survey, you will get an opportunity to win a $100 gift card coupon. It is mandatory to have only 2 entrants per household in a monthly sweepstakes. However, there is an age limit of 18 years to give feedback and to enter drawings. Customers can enter a monthly draw only once in 12 weeks. Furthermore, there will be only 11 event prize draw winners every calendar month.

Each winner will stand an equal chance at winning these random drawings and getting the gift card. This supermarket will contact all winners via the details which they have submitted while entering. It is to be noted that this reward cannot be transferred to free cash, and neither be exchanged to a cash alternative. Moreover, gift cards can neither be sold nor transferred by those who won them.

How to Participate in Survey ?

Here’s a step by step guide to taking part in this online feedback portal:

1. Login to ALDI’s official survey page, to give your valuable feedback.

2. Choose your preferred language given in below English or Spanish.

Tell Aldi Survey Image

3. Enter date and time of your visit and Aldi survey code which are present on your purchase receipt to proceed further.

Aldi Guest Satisfaction Survey Image

4. Now, you will have to rate your overall experience at this firm’s outlets. Overall Rating Image

5. Be honest with your reviews, as it’s the main factor that this brand considers before making necessary changes.

6. Throughout this survey, you will be asked about this firm’s product quality, environment, cleanliness, staff, product prices and more.

7. After you finish answering all such questions, you will be asked whether you would like to participate in its prize draw event to win a $100 gift card.

8. If you click on yes, you will have to provide your personal details such as Name, Contact Info, Phone Number, Email Address. Sweepstakes Customers Contact Details Image


  • One must be 18 years or above age to be eligible for participating.
  • A purchase receipt is mandatory to participate in this online feedback portal.
  • Entrants must have a smartphone with an internet connection to have a smooth experience while taking the survey.

Alternative Method to Join Tell Aldi Sweepstakes

Mail Procedure: You can enter sweepstakes without purchasing at Aldi’s stores. All an interested individual has to do is he/she write down their personal details such as name, complete address, state, city, zip, personal mobile number and, date of birth on a 3” x 5” card. Later they have to mail that card to “Aldi Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Entry 625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437”.

Questionnaire of Aldi Customer Feedback

Here’s a list of questions that entrants might face while taking this analysis:

  • How is the product quality at ALDI?
  • Are prices at this firm reasonable?
  • How diverse were the grocery items in the area that you have visited?
  • Was the employee’s behavior appropriate in this firm?
  • How good was the staff assistance for a query?
  • Why do you shop at this supermarket?
  • How often do you shop at ALDI?
  • How likely of you recommending this brand to your family and friends?

Aldi Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 0800 042 0800
  • Email:
  • Gift Card Balance:
  • Aldi Working Hours: 9 am – 9 pm
  • Support Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 am – 9 pm, Sunday: 10 am – 4 pm.
  • Headquarters: Essen, Germany

About Aldi

Aldi is a Grocery Store Chain founded by Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht in 1946. Besides, it has always maintained its consistency in quality, value and service. Furthermore, this one has grown over the years exponentially in terms of profitability and credibility, and it now has 10000 locations in over 20 countries. Moreover, it sets itself apart from other companies by offering discounted products under its own labels. This supermarket assures the public that only fresh grocery items are offered at its outlets. Besides, this is rated as one of the largest grocery stores in terms of revenue. Furthermore, this brand is the Best Grocer 2020 at the Retail Week Rewards.


Why not working for me?

Verify your internet connection or recheck the official website link, Poor internet connection can be a common reason for this survey to not work properly.

Does Aldi take coupons?

Unfortunately, Aldi does not take coupons.

Is the 75 dollar Aldi coupon survey real?

No, $75 Aldi coupon survey deal is not real, at least not right now.

How to survey on 20 dollars a week at Aldi?

Unfortunately, Aldi isn’t conducting such a $20 weekly survey currently.

Does Aldi do a survey and give chance of $100?

Yes, all those who participate in www tellaldi us survey can stand a chance to win a $100 worth gift card in its monthly drawings.

Is Aldi survey a hoax?

Undoubtedly no. Aldi’s survey is no hoax, and anyone can partake in it without any hesitation.

How to provide Aldi feedback for product?

You can provide Aldi feedback by visiting its official contact page

Does Aldi have a rewards program?

Aldi isn’t having any rewards program.

Does Aldi have a discount card or rewards card?

No, Aldi doesn’t provide any discount cards or rewards cards.

Does Aldi have customer rewards?

Aldi’s customers can stand a chance to win $100 gift cards as rewards by providing their feedback in Aldi’s survey portal and entering sweepstakes.

What time does Aldi close?

Aldi’s stores usually close by 9 pm on all working days.

What time does Aldi open?

Aldi stores start their operations from 9 am.

Who owns Aldi?

Aldi is owned by Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG

Where is the nearest Aldi store? is the official link to know “Aldi Near Me”.

How to enter code for Aldi survey?

Simply visit and select your preferred language between English and Spanish. Later refer to your purchase receipt and enter the code in the middle of it on the Aldi survey page.

Does Aldi sell gift cards?

Yes, Aldi is selling gift cards, however only offline. Meaning those who are wondering where to buy Aldi gift cards, can go to any of its physical outlets to buy them.

Wrapping Up

This article serves as a guide to take part in this customer experience feedback. Main reason for Aldi to design this analysis is to gather feedback and work on the areas which require improvement. They use your reviews to make the company by giving you a voice. Your voice matters in the betterment of this brand. They expect you to give your honest feedback about customer service and product quality. As a token of appreciation for participating in this guest experience survey, this firm provides you a chance to win $100 gift card. You can stand a chance to win that reward by entering its monthly sweepstakes. You can enter the prize draw event upon the completion of this analysis. As this survey is available online, you can take it at your convenience within the receipt validity period.