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Tell Your Opinions at Dunkin Survey & Win Mouth-watering Rewards

Talking about donuts? Dunkin Donut is a name you would surely not give a miss. No one can deny that Dunkin Donuts is one of the bestsellers in making donuts and coffee. Dunkin provides fine quality, freshly baked donuts with different mouthwatering flavors. Though this brand has a huge fan following and are very reputable, it looks forward to its customer’s feedback regarding its preparation and services. Telldunkin website is available online for easier access to all consumers. If a customer regularly visits Dunkin, he might be quite aware of everything about the store, its services, staff, preparations and facilities. However, in case a customer is not satisfied with any of these things, this guest feedback portal is a great platform for him to come up and express his views.

Dunkin Donuts customer satisfaction survey is conducted keeping in mind that customers’ reviews help keep pace with the trending tastes and flavors. To compete with the emerging trends, it is essential to know what customers want and what changes are necessary. This simple online survey requires a purchase receipt from Dunkin’s restaurant, which should not be older than 3 days. You have come to the right page if you have an eye for detail about this survey. This article would serve as a complete guide for you, letting you know about survey terms and conditions, how to attend this analysis and win rewards. Yes, you read it right; once you have completed providing your feedback, you get a chance to win Dunkin Donuts coupons that you can redeem on your next purchase.

Need to Partake in Tell Dunkin Donuts Guest Survey

However big a brand may be, there is always room for improvement. This is one of the major reasons to come up with Dunkin Donuts customer experience. Making a reputation in the market is good but maintaining that reputation and standard comes as a challenge. Though a customer may be pretty satisfied at Dunkin, there might be something that he would like to share or comment about. To give this platform to its customers, DunkinDonuts conducts this free-of-cost survey. Due to this telldunkin com survey, restaurants figure out what they have been missing and were not able to identify till now. As different customers come up with different opinions and reviews, it helps them explore themselves better.

Dunkin Donuts doesn’t want its customers to waste much of their time or energy, so it comes up with a quite short and simple survey. Moreover, you only need to spare 5 minutes from your schedule on your mobile or laptop / PC, visit its official survey portal, answer a few questions. Questions are generally based on the food quality, restaurant menu, pricing, etc. So if you have been dreaming of your favorite flavor that is not on the menu, here is a chance your dream could come true. Besides, once you have finished taking the survey, a reward in the form of Dunkin Donut coupon will surely bring a smile on your face.

Dunkin Donuts Feedback Rules and Regulations

Survey NameDunkin’ Donuts Guest Satisfaction Survey
Time to completeLess than 3 minutes
Receipt Validity Period3 days
Survey Coupon Validity Period30 days
Dunkin Donuts
RewardsFree classic donut
Survey LimitOne per person, per receipt
Offer LimitOffer is limited to one free item per receipt per visit. 

There are some conditions that every participant should pay attention to before giving their feedback

  • Only the legal residents of the US should participate in it.
  • You must be older than 18 years of age.
  • A valid purchase receipt is necessary for giving feedback.
  • This online survey should be taken within 3 days of getting a purchase receipt.
  • Promo code should be redeemed within 180 days after its generation.
  • Per receipt per customer per reward coupon is only issued.
  • Reward coupon validation code is non-transferable by any means.
  • Survey prize is not for combining or clubbing with any other offer.
  • Any taxes or charges required to validate a coupon code is a winner’s sole responsibility.

Dunkin Donuts Survey Rewards

You might be capable enough of spending the money, but even after that, you would surely love to grab a chance to get free rewards at Dunkin Donuts. These free rewards are a gesture from Dunkin to thank all its customers who make efforts in taking its online survey. It is just to tell you that your time and opinion matters to them, and thus you get a chance to be awarded Dunkin Donuts rewards. When you finish this analysis by answering all questions and entering your personal details, you will get a validation code. You can redeem those coupon codes on your next purchase at this restaurant.

You can get a free donut or 3 oz soft serve ice cream, well, isn’t that amazing? Dunkin Donuts limit its rewards to one free item per receipt per household. And whenever you plan to redeem a coupon, make sure you take the coupon code along with the survey receipt. Also, you can comfortably redeem your rewards 30 days after this analysis without any hurry. This would be enough time for a donut lover to have his/her next visit to their favorite restaurant. So, what to wait for?! Grab your survey receipt and take this feedback portal to win exciting prizes.

How to Participate in

Taking this survey online involves certain steps which are as follows:

1. First of all, go to the Online Dunkin Donut Survey Page.

2. It will ask you to select your preferred language in which you want to share your opinions. Choose between English or Spanish.

Telldunkin Customer Satisfaction Survey Image

3. Look for an 18-digit survey code present on your survey receipt. Enter that code correctly and click on “Begin Survey”.

4. However, if you do not have a survey code present on your receipt then you have to click on the hyperlink of “I don’t have a survey code, please click here” of that webpage.

5. Upon doing so, you will have to mention details regarding the store number, date and time of your visit, order number and type of visit. After doing so click on “Begin Survey”.

Dunkin Donuts Guest Satisfaction Survey Image

5. Now, you will be asked some questions based on your visit to the store. Furthermore, you may be asked to answer yes/no or be required to give ratings as per instructions.

6. Consider answering these questions genuinely and honestly.

7. You might also be asked to write your comments or share your thoughts about anything that troubled you at the restaurant.

8. Once you have finished answering all questions, a validation code will appear on your screen. Keep this code safe to redeem your reward on your next visit.

Dunkin Donuts Feedback Validation Coupon Code Image

Requirements of Telldunkin Guest Survey

  • You must have a mobile or laptop that is connected properly to the internet for providing feedback.
  • A participant should know either English or Spanish to answer is questionnaire.
  • A survey receipt from Dunkin donut restaurant is also required. This receipt should not be older than 3 days.

Dunkin Feedback Questions

Here is a look at what type of questions you may ask when taking this customer experience online analysis:

  • Based on your satisfaction, how would you like to rate Dunkin donuts digitally?
  • Would you prefer to recommend visiting our store to your friends and family members?
  • Which aspect of our premises did you like the most?
  • How would you rate the quality of the food that was served to you?
  • Were you satisfied with Dunkin donuts restaurant’s cleanliness and hygiene measures?
  • How did you like the staff behavior at the restaurant?
  • Was the staff humble and supportive?
  • Were you served the food on time without any delay?
  • Was the order served to you accurate?
  • Would you like to give any suggestions regarding all services at our store?
  • Were you satisfied with the availability of products that you wanted to have?
  • Did this restaurant have a sufficient variety of donuts available?
  • Were you able to place your order easily?

Dunkin Donuts Customer Service Details

Customers can easily register any complaints, suggestions, or advices regarding this eatery via these pieces of info as given below:

  • Corporate Office Phone Number: 800-859-5339
  • Email:
  • Dunkin Donuts Working Hours: Monday – Friday: 05:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m
  • Headquarters Address: Dunkin Donuts Headquarters, 130 Royall St. Canton, MA 02021.

About Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin donuts is a multinational coffeehouse and donut chain based in the US. Founded in 1948 by William Rosenberg, the company has its headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts, part of Greater Boston. Though the company is famous for its drinks and donuts, it also offers a wide range of salads, cookies and in some countries, it serves pizza also. This global food and beverage company serves a wide area with more than 11,000 locations. You can relish hot delicious baked donuts and muffins along with frozen beverages, iced drinks and coffee. It does not end here; you can also get to have sandwiches made with ham, cheese, turkey, eggs, bacon and croissants. This company constantly keeps on revising its menu to come up with varieties for its customers. Numerous products such as breakfast sandwiches, bagels and coffee are the results of the revised menu.


How do I check the Dunkin Donuts gift card balance?

You can check your gift card balance by calling at 1-800-447-0013 or online at

What time does Dunkin Donuts open?

Dunkin Donut outlets opens at 05:00 a.m.

What time does Dunkin Donuts close?

Generally, most of Dunkin Donuts eatery franchises close by 10:00 p.m.

Who owns Dunkin Donuts?

Inspire Brands and Dunkin Brands currently own Dunkin Donuts.

How many Dunkin Donuts are there?

There are almost 12,871 Dunkin donuts restaurants worldwide.

Where is the closest Dunkin Donuts?

Go to to get to locate and get answer for “Dunkin Donuts Near Me”.

Where do I go to do the Dunkin Donuts survey?

To attend Dunkin Donuts feedback portal, visit

How long is the Dunkin survey donut good for?

Dunkin Donut survey reward coupon is good for 30 days.

How to use the Dunkin Donuts survey coupon on the app?

Sign up to Dunkin Donuts mobile app and DD perks and enter your coupon code to use your survey coupon on the app.

How long is a Dunkin Donuts free classic donut valid after a survey?

Classic free donut of Dunkin Donuts experience survey is valid for 30 days.

How long can I wait to fill the Dunkin Donuts survey?

You must fill the Dunkin Donut feedback within 3 days after getting your purchase receipt.

When do Dunkin Donuts survey coupons expire?

Dunkin Donuts feedback coupon would expire after 30 days from the date of receiving it.

How to generate a Dunkin Donuts validation code without a survey?

There is no way to get a Dunkin Donut validation code without a survey.

What donut do you get for the Dunkin Donuts survey?

You will get a free classic donut or other such offer after attending Dunkin Donut analysis.

How many numbers have to be on the Dunkin Donut survey for a free donut?

A Dunkin Donuts purchase receipt has an 18-digit survey number.

How to check the survey number for Dunkin Donuts?

To check the survey number for Dunkin Donuts go to its official feedback portal and click on “Where is my survey code?”.

How to use the Dunkin Donuts coupon QR code?

To redeem the coupon with a QR code, go to the “My offers” section in Dunkin Donuts mobile app, and tap to redeem them.

What’s the difference between Dunkin and Dunkin Donuts?

Dunkin Donuts is the first name of the Dunkin brand.


Dunkin Donuts guest satisfaction survey is a platform for Dunkin customers to share their eating experiences at its outlets. This online survey can be easily taken at any time without much effort. This article portrays all the vital information that you might need while taking up this survey. Not only this, but you also get a chance to be rewarded with Dunkin Donut coupons for taking this free survey. So, if you are experiencing any issues in taking this survey, scroll through the complete article to have detailed information.