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Grab Free Validation Coupon Codes @ Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey

Popeyes is a popular and one of the largest chicken franchises across the United States. It is also several decades old and has over 3000 outlets across the world. The franchise is famous for its exotic foods such as fried chicken, seafood, french fries, apple pie, spicy tenders, sandwiches, burgers, hot sauce, desserts, etc. The main reason for their ultimate fan base and growing business is, they maintain a good relationship with their customers. Tellpopeyes guest experience survey is one of their approaches to expand their franchise and attract visitors.

Popeyes is letting their visitors win free food by participating in its guest feedback survey. Here, participants will share their eating experience about their recent visit to this restaurant. Main goal of this survey is to satisfy customers by taking their suggestions and enhancing their products and services. Therefore, leading to a great overall customer experience. Moreover, all participants need is a valid purchase receipt with a restaurant code printed on it. But don’t worry if you don’t have a purchase receipt. Go to your nearest Popeyes store and purchase an apple pie which hardly costs anything. People who want to take part in this survey must go through these guidelines as follows in order to win exciting rewards.

Need to Participate in Popeyes Feedback

Popeyes is an American chain of fast-food restaurants that specializes in fish and fried chicken. Being an international brand, there is always a constant need to meet a customer’s demands and expectations. So, this eatery’s officials have designed a game-changer called tellpopeyes online survey. The analysis includes a wide range of questions, and consumers will have the freedom to freely express their opinions, complaints, and suggestions regarding this brand’s services and management. Later, it uses all that collected information to the fullest and makes necessary changes and improvements to provide people with the best products and quality services.

So, to thank customers for giving important feedback, popeyes is providing various rewards. After completing the survey, participants will receive a TellPopeyes validation code that gives a free or a discounted meal. Thus, those who share their valuable and honest opinions will grab either a free fried chicken, free drink, free biscuit, or discounted meal. Furthermore, customers can use these rewards on their future visits to Popeyes and save money on their orders. Also, this is an online survey such that participants can take on the survey at their own comfort and time.

Popeyes Customer Survey Rules and Regulations

Survey NamePopeyes Guest Experience Survey
Time to complete10 to 15 minutes
Receipt Validity Period2 days
Survey Coupon Validity Period30 days
Rewards$1000 cashback, free fried chicken, free drink, and free biscuit. 
  • First of all, participants must be at least 18 years old or above.
  • You must have a receipt for your recent purchase at Popeyes Restaurant.
  • All entrants must be the legal residents of the United States.
  • Besides, no employees or other family members associated with the company are eligible to partake in it.
  • Customers must have a valid invitation code for the survey.
  • Customers can take the survey only once per receipt.
  • Moreover, validity of a survey receipt is 2 days, and gift coupon is 30 days.

Popeyes Survey Rewards

The eatery appreciates its customers for investing their valuable time and participating in the survey. At the final stage of this survey, participants will receive a Popeyes validation code as rewards. Therefore, by using that validation code, consumers can enjoy great rewards on their future visit to any of this brand’s outlets. Besides, all those who share their honest opinions will indeed get to witness better services and meals at Popeyes.

So, sparing a few minutes providing simple feedback will earn you amazing rewards. However, it is important to note the validation code on the receipt which they have used to participate in this survey. Later, upon making purchases at this eatery, consumers will have to submit their receipt with validation code and get to enjoy any discounted or free meals or drinks.

How to Take Part in

1. Visit the Popeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey page. Those who are comfortable to share their experiences in Spanish can click on “Espanol”.

2. There will be 2 options present on that web page. People who have a Popeyes receipt with a survey invitation number can give feedback and win rewards. And there is another option which is they can continue to give feedback without a survey invitation number. However, for participating in this survey without a survey invitation doesn’t promise any rewards.

3. So, if you have a survey invitation, proceed further by clicking on ‘Take Survey’ and carefully enter the restaurant number, total amount of purchase, date, and time of the visit printed on the purchase receipt.

Popeyes Guest Experience Take Survey Image

4. Click “Start” to continue and start the survey by answering questions.

5. After completing the survey, enter your personal details and click on ‘Submit.’

6. Now, you will win a free validation code which you can use to redeem and get discounted meals or other free meals.

Tell Popeyes Prerequisites

  • First of all, you need a valid internet connection to participate in the survey.
  • You must have a personal computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Participants need basic knowledge of English or Spanish.

Questionnaire of TellPopeyes Survey

Popeyes officials designed the survey session very carefully, including various questions regarding price, distribution, menu, services, location, and time.

  • Did you experience any problems during the visit to Popeyes?
  • Please rate your overall satisfaction with your Popeye’s experience.
  • Will you recommend Popeyes to your friends, family, and colleagues?
  • How frequently will you visit Popeyes?
  • Which of the following food items did you order on your visit?
  • Were you promptly greeted when you entered the restaurant?
  • Did a team member introduce themselves by name?
  • Were you called up to the counter when your order was ready?
  • Was the team member courteous while handling your order?
  • Is the food at Popeyes tasty?

Popeyes Contact Details

  • Phone Contact Number: 1-877-767-3937
  • Email: guest.relations@popeyes
  • Popeyes Working Hours: 10 am – 11 pm from Monday-Sunday.
  • Support Hours: 24 hours
  • Headquarters Address: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Corporate Headquarters, 400 Perimeter Center Terraces, Suite 1000, Atlanta GA 30346, United States.

About Popeyes

The name Popeyes originated in 1972 after owner Alvin Copeland Sr. changed the store’s original name to refer to a character in the movie French Connections. Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen became very successful after serving buttermilk cakes to the community in 1983. The southern provinces grew elaborate with the region of Popeye. The company has more than 3,000 offices and more than $260 million in revenue. The menu features a variety of Louisiana-style chicken, vegetables, biscuits, and other enticing dishes. Popeyes offers a variety of discounts to help consumers get delicious plates at affordable prices.


Does Popeyes have gift cards?

Yes, customers can buy Popeyes gift cards in its official website.

What does Popeyes validation code look like?

Popeyes online survey validation code is an 11 digit code.

Popeyes completed survey, but I didn’t get a validation code?

Participants who didn’t get a validation code after completing the survey can complain by contacting the customer care or leave a message on

Who owns Popeyes?

Popeyes is owned by Restaurant Brands International.

What time does Popeyes close?

On all days, including Sundays, Popeyes close at 11 pm.

What time does Popeyes open?

Popeyes open on all days of a week at 10 am.

Where is the closest Popeyes chicken?

Those who want to know about “Popeyes Near Me” can visit its store locator via

Why was I not eligible for Popeyes free chicken after survey?

Participants of Popeyes survey are bound to win rewards based on their receipts or their nearest location’s available menu.

How many numbers are there in the Popeyes feedback code?

There are 11 digits in the Popeyes feedback survey code.

How long is Popeyes’ survey coupon number good for?

www tellpopeyes com reward coupon code is valid for only 30 days.

Why I am not eligible to complete Popeyes survey with receipt?

To participate in the survey, participants must fulfill all the required rules and regulations. Check them in the survey prerequisites mentioned above. If you met all the requirements and are not eligible for the survey, then contact

How to leave a good feedback at Popeyes?

Customers can leave positive feedback by contacting Popeyes customer care at 1-877-767-3937 or

How to get coupons for Popeyes?

People can get gift validation coupons by giving feedback at TellPopeyes.

What comes in the 5 dollar box at Popeyes?

In the Popeyes $5 box, there will be 2 pieces of this eatery’s classic bone-in fried chicken, hot sauce, and a buttermilk biscuit.


Popeyes has come up with the Tellpopeyes guest satisfaction survey to satisfy its food lovers. Customers can openly share their reviews, suggestions, and complaints regarding various aspects of the restaurant such as dining, delivery, cleanliness, food, menu, service, etc. In return, participants can win several prizes such as free fried chicken, free biscuit, free drink, or other such offers, discounts, and so on. Who doesn’t love to save money on food orders? The online survey is the best way to do so. On their next visit to Popeyes, consumers can save money on their orders using the validation code. Hurry up!