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Weis Markets Survey – Give Feedback & Grab 100 Reward Points for Free!

Food retailer industries have been a big part of our lives since their inception. When talking about these stores, the first name that flickers onto our minds is Weis Markets, a prominent food retailer in the US. A company that has always strived to provide its customers with top-notch goods and services has always exceeded expectations. Yes, that’s how good they have been, and to further prove this theory, they have introduced the Weisfeedback survey.

Weis rewards survey is introduced to see what all improvements the company can make. Weis Markets have prided themselves on coming up with new methods to maintain customer convenience. The Weis markets survey is another method to evaluate where they stand according to their customers on various services. This article talks in detail about everything you need to know regarding Weis guest satisfaction survey, including the prize you get for completing the survey. So keep reading to find out about the rewards that are in store for you.

Weis Markets Feedback Survey for Pickup/Delivery or In-Store Visit

The Weisfeedback survey is held online and asks questions on the company’s performance in various parameters. As a customer to Weis Market, you are expected to give genuine answers based on your experience. They know that their growth in the retail food industry has been made possible only due to customer satisfaction. Hence, they aim to upgrade their services and commodities through the Weis market survey. Weis Markets understand that customer convenience is directly proportional to their growth and popularity. Hence more the quality of their products will attract more customers to them.

Through this survey, Weis Markets wants to connect with their customers and ease their labor. And in return for your time spent on the survey, they are offering a reward as well. This plays to your advantage as you can help the company improve on things it lacks and get rewarded.

Weis Survey Rules and Regulations

Survey NameWeis Customer Satisfaction Survey
Time to complete3-4 minutes
Receipt Validity Period7 days
Reward Points Validity PeriodUsually, 30 days
Official Websitewww.weismarkets.com
Survey Pageweisfeedback.survey.marketforce.com or weisselection.survey.marketforce.com 
Rewards100 Reward Points
  • You need to have your most recently bought Weis Markets receipt with you. You also required to have your rewards card.
  • Only US residents allowed to take part in this survey.
  • Participants below 18 years of age not allowed to take the survey at Weis feedback com.
  • You can only take one survey per week.
  • The reward you received can only be used at Weis Markets and not in any other retail stores.
  • All employees, managers, and associates forbidden from taking the survey.

Weis Rewards for Taking Survey

As a token of their appreciation for taking your time to complete the Weis customer survey, they are offering 100 reward points! Weis Markets has a policy of giving points to its customers for a long time. It gives you a single Weis point for each dollar you spend on your purchase. And now they are offering 100 rewards points for just taking a simple survey. Your Weis reward card can then use these points to avail of various offers.

If you do not have a Weis reward card, you can get it by signing up for it at their website under the option club card. You need to enter your contact details, and they will mail you the e-card or get a physical copy by visiting any of their stores. You can use this card to redeem various rewards. Some offers that you can get for completing the survey include gas rewards, grocery discounts or a Weis $10, $15, $25 off coupons. By collecting more points, you are bound to get higher rewards, such as when you collect around 400 points, you can even redeem a free Turkey!

How to Participate in Weis Markets Customer Survey?

1. To start the survey, you need to go on to this www.weisfeedback.com survey link or just Click Here.

Weisfeedback page Image

2. There are two ways through which you can enter the survey. Based on your recent purchase, you can either click on the in-store visit option or the online order to take the survey.

3. Now enter your location, reward card number, date and time of the visit shown in the receipt.

Weis Survey Entry Image

4. Click on the start button to enter the survey and start answering all the questions.

5. After you have answered all questions, enter your contact details and click submit. You will now have received 100 Weis points. Next, you can check your reward card for the same and start redeeming the available offers.

Prerequisites to Give Weisfeedback

  • A Weis Market receipt and a reward card.
  • A smooth internet connection.
  • For you to take this survey, you need to have a smartphone, laptop or PC.
  • A basic knowledge of the English language is a must.

Alternate Ways to Enter Weis Feedback Survey (Phone Call)

You can also win the Weis survey 100 points through a phone call. The steps involved in this are:-

  • You should have recently purchased from Weis Market and have your receipt ready to avoid any delays.
  • Now, you can call them using the number provided on the receipt or their customer care service number,1-866-999-9347 and answer some questions that they will ask. Upon successfully answering all questions, they will ask for your reward card number and contact details, after which you will receive 100 rewards points.

Weis e Survey Questions

There are different types of questions asked, including multiple-choice and text-based ones. All questions asked are focused on your needs and expectations for the company. Given below are some of the questions that you can expect to be asked at Weisfeedback com survey portal:-

  • How many times have you purchased groceries at Weis Markets in the past 30 days?
  • Apart from Weis Markets, where do you shop most often and why?
  • What do you value most about Weis Markets?
  • Based on your experience, rate the Bakery, produce, deli, meat and seafood departments.
  • During your visit, were you able to purchase everything that you came for?
  • Approximately how long did it take for you to check out?

Weis Customer Service

If you run into any technical problems or glitches while filling the Weisfeedback form, you can contact Weis through the following information.

  • Phone Number: 1 (866) 999-9347
  • Email ID: customerservice@weismarkets.com
  • Weis Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday: 700 am – 8:00 pm MST.
  • Headquarters Address: 1000 South Second Street Sunbury, Pennsylvania 17801, United States.

About Weis Markets

Weis Markets is one of the most well-known Mid-Atlantic food retailers in the US. Founded by brothers Harry and Sigmund Weis in 1912 in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Currently, they are a publicly listed company, but the family still owns around 65% of their equity. When Weis Markets began, they had a unique operating policy as they accepted only cash and not credits. They mainly provided quality products in the Bakery, delicatessen, seafood, meat, produce, snacks, drinks, frozen foods, health & beauty, general merchandise and pharmaceutical departments. Due to their sudden surge in demand, Weis Markets expanded its stores and currently has over 195 stores in over 5 states. They have been lauded for their top quality products, their reputation and cheap prices.


What time does Weis close?

Weis Markets generally close around 8 pm.

When does Weis open?

Weis Markets are open from 7 am onwards.

Where is the Weis survey code located?

The Weis survey code is found printed in your recently purchased receipt.

Does Weis double coupons?

Yes, Weis Market allows double manufacturer’s coupons up to 99 cents. It allows a maximum of 4 double’s in the same coupon.

Who owns Weis Markets?

Weis Markets are owned by Harry and Sigmund Weis. Although the company is publicly listed, they still own around 65% of its share.

How many stores do Weis markets have?

Weis Markets have a total of 196 stores spread across 5 states.

How to check Weis gift card balance?

You can check your balance at the Weis Markets website, or you can call their customer service as well.

What gift cards does Weis sell?

Weis sells $10, $20, $25, $50 and $100 gift cards. They can also contain gas discounts.

What can I get with my Weis points?

You can redeem various offers using Weis points like gas rewards, grocery discounts, discount coupons etc.

Does Weis have a senior discount?

Seniors (above age 60) can save up to 10% depending on a specific day. You can contact your nearest store for more details.


Through this article, we have learned how to participate in the Weisfeedback.com/survey, what all requirements are there to participate, the rewards given for completing the survey, the importance of the survey and all other crucial details. It is through customer feedback that a company knows its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore as customers, we are not only improving them but helping them grow into the best version of themselves. You are even getting rewarded for doing very little work and while also getting better services.