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Chipotle Menu with Prices

Chipotle is a popular Mexican grill that offers a variety of burritos, tacos, and salads. The menu also includes kid’s meals and catering options. Chipotle’s “food with integrity” philosophy means that the restaurant uses only the highest quality ingredients. Customers can choose from traditional favorites like chicken or beef, or opt for healthier options like tofu or black beans. Prices are affordable, making Chipotle a great choice for family dinners or get-togethers with friends. Stop by your nearest location today to try out some of the delicious food Chipotle has to offer.  

About Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill is an American restaurant chain specializing in burritos and tacos. It has over 2622 locations spread across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France. The company’s headquarters moved to Newport Beach, California in 2018. It was founded on July 13, 1993 by Steve Ells with a mission of “real food made from real ingredients.” This company is one of the most trusted brands among its patrons for serving delicious food at affordable prices. In its tagline—”We Do It By Being Real”— Chipotle strives to meet its goal: to provide quality food at an affordable price by using fresh ingredients whenever possible. Therefore, to know feedback about the same from customers, this restaurant started a feedback portal named Chipotle Guest feedback survey. They also offer free burritos to show their appreciation for customers’ valuable time in giving feedback.

What’s the Menu for Chipotle?

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a chain of fast-casual dining restaurants that serves a variety of Mexican-inspired food. The company prides itself on using high quality natural and organic ingredients in its food and on sourcing its food supply from ranchers and farmers who raise their livestock humanely and naturally. This means an all-vegetarian diet, free of antibiotics and hormones. While the menu is composed of only a few items, there are many different combinations that can put together your own custom order at Chipotle. The main entrees include tacos, burritos, bowls and salads. Listed below is the complete menu with prices so that you don’t have to worry about having to decide what to order.


Kid’s Build Your Own$5.30
Three Tacos$7.50
Burrito Bowl$7.50
Kid’s Quesadilla$4.25


Burrito (Chicken)$6.50
Burrito (Carnitas)$6.95
Burrito (Sofritas)$6.50
Burrito (Vegetarian)$6.50
Burrito (Barbacoa)$7.50
Burrito (Steak)$7.50


Taco (Chicken)1 Pc.$2.40
Taco (Steak)1 Pc.$2.75
Taco (Carnitas)1 Pc.$2.55
Taco (Barbacoa)1 Pc.$2.75
Taco (Sofritas)1 Pc.$2.40
Taco (Vegetarian)1 Pc.$2.40
Tacos (Chicken)3 Pc.$6.50
Tacos (Steak)3 Pc.$7.50
Tacos (Carnitas)3 Pc.$6.95
Tacos (Barbacoa)3 Pc.$7.50
Tacos (Sofritas)3 Pc.$6.50
Tacos (Vegetarian)3 Pc.$6.50

Lifestyle Bowls

Vegetarian Bowl$10.75
High Protein Bowl$16.95
Keto Salad Bowl$14.10
Whole30 Salad Bowl$14.10
Vegan Bowl$10.75
Paleo Salad Bowl$14.10
Keto Salad Bowl$16.30
Whole30 Salad Bowl$14.90
Whole30 Salad Bowl$14.90


Salad (Chicken) $6.50
Salad (Barbacoa) $7.50
Salad (Steak) $7.50
Salad (Sofritas) $6.50
Salad (Carnitas)$6.95
Salad (Vegetarian)$6.50


Chips & Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa$2.85
Chips & Guacamole$5.40
Chips & Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa$2.85
Chips & Queso Blanco$5.40
Large Side of Guacamole$6.40
Large Chips & Large Guacamole$9.60
Side of Queso Blanco$3.20
Side of Guacamole$3.20
Large Side of Queso Blanco$6.40
Large Chips & Large Queso Blanco$9.60
Tortilla on the Side$0.35
Chips & Fresh Tomato Salsa$2.85
Chips & Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa$2.85

Kid’s Menu

Build Your Own$4.75
Cheese Quesadilla (with Meat or Guacamole)$4.25
Cheese Quesadilla (No Meat)$3.75


Mexican Coca-Cola $3.70
San Pellegrino Sparkling$3.50
Blackberry Izze$4.00
Tractor Organic Black Tea$3.95
Grapefruit Izze$4.00
Tractor Organic Lemonade$3.95
Apple Juice$4.00
Bottled Water$3.55
Pineapple Orange Banana Juice$4.00
Mexican Sprite$3.70
Peach Orange Juice$4.00

Frequently Asked Question

What is the most popular item at Chipotle?

Chipotle’s chicken bowl with black beans is its most popular item.

How much is Chipotle delivery?

The delivery charge for Chipotle varies depending on your location. It can range from $4.99 to $7.99 per order.

How to find the nutrition value of the Chipotle menu?

To find the nutrition value of your favourite Chipotle menu items, go to: and select you meal.


Chipotle Mexican Grill, an American chain of fast-casual restaurants featuring tacos and burritos, has been around since 1993, when founder Steve Ells opened the first Chipotle in Denver, Colorado. Chipotle is a great place to enjoy a burrito, bowl, or salad. The menu is affordable and the food always tastes great. With the large selection of meats and many vegetarian options, Chipotle is a good place for anyone to eat.