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Panda Express Customer Experience Survey | Redeem & Enjoy Reward Coupons

Panda Express is a U.S.-based private subsidiary under Panda Restaurant Group. It is a well-known brand for serving American-Chinese cuisine to its fast-food lovers. The company affirms that its growth lies in the fulfilment of the customer’s expectations. It commits to provide authentic and tasty meals every day. So, to know more about its customers and their needs, Panda Express is organizing an online platform for conducting a customer satisfaction survey at survey. This feedback aims to satisfy the demands of all the customers and offers you winning rewards on your next order. So, raise your voice to help fulfill this brand’s commitment to the best quality services and improve your overall experience.

All you need to do is visit the website, enter the necessary details and start your survey. Panda Express appreciates your time and your honest feedback, and as a sign of gratitude, it also offers a chance to earn discounts and coupons to claim your free meal. So, don’t miss a chance of taking part in this analysis on its official survey portal to manifest your like or dislike for its meals and services.

Significance of Panda Express Customer Satisfaction Survey

Panda Express customer exprience survey portal is an important and effective tool to build a strong relationship with customers. Thus, this survey gives an open space to express your opinions about the taste and flavor of multicultural meals at this restaurants. It is very important to provide data that helps Panda Express to know its customer’s preferences better. This works as a valuable method to enhance the quality of its services.

Besides, giving an open and free platform to all consumers helps understand loopholes in food quality, administrational management, and other additional facilities. This also works as a direct communication tool between this eatery and its patrons. So, feel free to express your real-life experiences at stores. Moreover, this brand pays attention to all genuine comments received from its analysis to set up its benchmark. Positive feedback in this online feedback works as a motivational tool for Panda Express to provide high-class meals and services to its loyal consumers. And the negative feedback also inspires to constructively work in the area of its weakness. Above all, your participation gives you a fair chance to get reward coupons that you can redeem for free cuisine at your nearby restaurant.

Panda Express Guest Feedback Survey Rules and Regulations

Survey NamePanda Express Let Us Know What You Think Survey
Time to Complete5 minutes 
Receipt Validity Period2 days
Survey Page  or 
RewardsFree Entrée Item (Free Coupon Code & Free Meal)

Let’s have a glance at the official rules and regulations of the Panda Express free survey.

  • A participant must be 18 years of age or above to successfully take the survey.
  • Only legal residents of the United States are eligible for submission of the feedback.
  • Any employee of the company, sponsors, distributors, advertisers are not allowed to participate.
  • A purchase is necessary for partaking in this analysis.
  • Any participant is allowed to take one survey on one receipt.
  • A purchase receipt of Panda Express is valid for 48 hours to take the analysis.
  • Reward code cannot be redeemed for any cash value and is non-transferrable.
  • Moreover, rewards cannot be clubbed with any other offers.

Rewards of Panda Express Free Entree Survey

Reward is a way to attract more participants to attend this free entree feedback portal and express their overall experiences on dine-in or drive-through orders. Therefore, this eatery acknowledges your time to take its analysis by giving some thrilling prizes. In this analysis, you receive an offer to earn offer codes after the final submission of your reviews. Moreover, there is no list or selection of winners. So, rush to share your honest opinions and win prizes.

Every participant who takes the survey and meets all the eligibility criteria will get a free entrée item at the Panda Express store. As soon as you submit the survey, your device screen will show a validation code that can be used to redeem the offer printed on your cash receipt. To claim your free meal at this restaurant, you must have your correct validation code. Also, this validation code cannot be redeemed for any cash value and can’t be combined with any other Panda Express promo code.

How to Take Survey to Win Free Entree Item?

1. Go to Panda Express official survey site with your purchase receipt.

2. If you have a 22-digit survey code at the bottom of the receipt, kindly enter given boxes and click on ‘START.’

Panda Express Let Us Know What You Think Survey Image

3. But some receipts do not have a 22-digit survey code. And such people should click on “I do not have a 22-digit code on my receipt”. After doing so they will come across a page as below. They have to enter details like store number, date and time of visit and order number. Store Number Details Image

4. Your screen will show the first question of the survey. Please consider answering all questions honestly and based on your true experiences.

4. After the question-answer session, you will be directed to the screen to enter your personal details. These details include name, contact number, email id, etc. Enter the details and click on ‘SUBMIT.’

5. Now, you will see the Panda Express feedback coupon code on your screen. Kindly note that number on your receipt and make your next visit to this eatery for enjoying rewards.

Panda Express Customer Survey Coupon Code Image


A few things that you require for fortunate participation in feedback survey are:

  • A Panda Express purchase receipt with either survey code or store number. Make sure that your purchase is not more than 2 days before.
  • A primary knowledge of either language: English or Spanish.
  • Besides, for non-interruptive participation, kindly get a device with good internet connectivity.
  • You need a valid email ID and a phone number for the final submission of the feedback.

Share your Feedback to Panda Express Via Phone Call

Follow these steps as below to convey your reveiw via phone call:

  1. Ring at 888-51-72 632. Make sure to call within 2 days of your purchase.
  2. Convey all details like order number, location name, survey code, etc as asked which will be on your purchase receipt.
  3. Start your review by answering questions based upon your eating experience at this restaurant.
  4. After it is done, get your reward coupon code and note it down carefully to redeem for a free entrée meal at your next order.

Panda Express Guest Survey Questions

This analysis’ questions are framed to give you full freedom and space to convey your views and reviews. They are designed with exclusive options and are easy to understand. And some of them can be as follows:

  • How often do you visit our restaurant?
  • What did you take in your last meal, and were you satisfied with its taste?
  • How would you rate our services and staff behavior at the store?
  • Did you enjoy the ambiance, music, and lighting at our store?
  • Do you find Panda Express hours feasible for your visit?
  • What is your most liked and disliked meal on our menu?
  • How often do you use our additional offers like gift cards, promo codes?
  • Is there any other suggestion you would give to further improve your next visit? If yes, please comment.

Panda Express Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 1-800-877-8988
  • Panda Express Working Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM.
  • Support Hours: 24X7
  • Headquarters Address: 1683, Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead, California, U.S.

About Panda Express

Panda Express is an American-based fast-food restaurant chain. It is owned by its parent company called Panda Restaurant Group. Besides, it was founded in October 1983 by Andrew Cherng and Peggy Cherng. The present headquarters is located at 1683 Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead, California, United States. Furthermore, with over 2200 locations across the United States, Panda Express is one of the loved fast-food restaurants for its American Chinese Cuisine. The menu offers various Chinese-inspired meals such as Beijing Beef, grilled teriyaki chicken, Kung Pao chicken, and much more.


What time does Panda Express close?

Generally, most of Panda Express stores close by 9:00 PM. However, some of its outlets may follow different time settings.

What time does Panda Express open?

Panda Express stores open at 10:00 AM. Don’t forget to confirm the timings of your nearby store because it may differ.

Who owns Panda Express?

Panda Express is owned by its parent company called Panda Restaurant Group.

Where is the closest Panda Express store?

Wondering about “Panda Express Near Me”? Just go to and enter ZIP code, city, state, and click on ‘Search’ to view all stores that are near you.

How to use Panda Express gift card online?

To use your Panda Express gift card online, visit Before making the payment for your order, click on “Add Gift Card” and enter your gift card number and PIN.

How to do Panda Express survey?

To do Panda Express survey and give your feedback, visit its official survey site at pandaexpress com feedback. Enter receipt code or store number and start your survey.

How to take Panda Express free entrée survey without receipt number?

To take Panda Express online survey without receipt number, call 888-51-72632 within 2 days of your purchase. Answer all questions and earn a redemption code.

Where is the Panda Express redemption code on the survey?

After answering all questions of this analysis and entering your details, your screen will show a redemption code.

Where to go for Panda Express survey?

Simply go to to share your honest reveiws regarding this brand.

How long does the Panda Express survey coupon last?

Panda Express feedback free entree survey coupon code is valid for 2 days after its generation.

What do I do if my Panda Express receipt has no survey code?

If your receipt has no survey code, visit panda express/feedback. Click on “I do not have a 22-digit code on my receipt.” Enter your store number and start your analysis.

How many times can you survey Panda Express?

You can only take the survey at Panda Express once with one purchase receipt code. But one participant can take this multiple times with different codes.

What do you get with the Panda Express survey?

By participating and submitting the survey, you get a chance to get Panda Express coupons that can be redeemed for a free meal at any of this eatery’s stores.

Why can’t I leave feedback for Panda Express?

Make sure that your purchase receipt is not more than 2 days old. Also ensure your internet connection is stable and good. Such things can be some issues that do not let you from giving feedback for Panda Express.

Where to buy Panda Express gift cards?

To buy your Panda Express gift cards, visit

How to check Panda Express gift card balance online?

To check Panda Express gift card balance online, visit and enter your gift card number to see the remaining balance.


Panda Express guest feedback is the best way to share your insights and recommendations to improve your experience. So, visit now at pandaexpress/feedback and make your meals more delicious. The eatery promises to craft tasty American Chinese food that gives satisfaction to the body and soul. Try helping by giving your valued feedback and earn a chance of redeeming Panda Express coupons for a free meal. So, being loyal customers of this brand, try giving out your suggestions by answering the survey questions honestly and win a chance for a free entrée meal.