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United States Postal Service, commonly referred to as USPS, is well-known for delivering and transporting mail all across America. This one is a highly popular company because of its diversity in delivering most prominent services ever throughout history. Overall, the United States Postal Service is an essential and highly beneficial company to those who utilize it often. Besides, this postal service has a very personal relationship with its customers, and they are listening to what their customers want. USPS is always open to change and keeps looking to improve its services and customer satisfaction levels. To do so, this company has come up with an innovative and efficient feedback portal. If you are one of this organization’s regular customers, you can take this survey at

This survey will help you let this postal company know about their positive and negative aspects and check whether they meet your expectations. You can also tell them how they can do better and what additional services or products you would like to see from it. When made any purchase, like using a service, from USPS, they may take part in its analysis with pride. People will just have to state their opinions about how their postal service is operating. This feedback portal is a way to let this organization know how much customers appreciate its services. USPS postal experience pos tracking survey will help the company in a lot of ways. But every customer can earn coupons that are redeemable on their next visit.

Importance of Postal Experience Survey

Role of customer surveys in improving business is no secret. Therefore, most organizations rely heavily on customer satisfaction surveys to improve services. Thus, we can say that these analytical methods are largely under-utilized intelligence tools. Pos survey is vital for both company and customers. Your honest feedback is a key part for USPS. It can help this company’s ongoing effort to improve its business’ quality. Giving postal experience com pos tracking, you help them provide better service today and in the future. Giving opinions at, means helping this frim understand their customers’ expectations from their business. This analysis is an excellent resource which this postal service department has developed with a sole goal of seeking valuable feedback. And that gathered feedback will prove to be handy for USPS to improve its services, delivery and customer satisfaction.

USPS uses feedback from the consumer survey to adjust its strategies and improve its service at the store level. They use all kinds of information they gather from their feedback portals to improve customer services. This leads to more happier customers. USPS have made it very clear that grievances are taken both seriously and anonymously. Apart from improving themselves and providing better services, the guest feedback also provides certain rewards. Every person who take part in its survey will get coupons which are redeemable. One can provide their honest opinions within 5 minutes. And in doing so, they can become eligible for prizes, which can give incredible discounts.

USPS Feedback Rules and Regulations

Survey NameUSPS Customer Satisfaction Survey
Time to completeLess than 5 Minutes
Receipt Validity Period3 days
Survey Coupon Validity Period30 days
RewardsUSPS coupons

Nevertheless, if you are willing to take a postal experience com pos tracking survey pay attention to all rules as stated below:

  • Every participant must be a legal resident of the United States. 
  • Persons desired to partake in it must be 18 years or older. 
  • Before taking the survey, an entrant must have a valid receipt of The United States Postal Service.
  • Current employees, staff members, and their families are strictly prohibited from taking part in it
  • USPS receipt can only be used once for the survey. 
  • Rewards cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash under any circumstances. 
  • Per household, only one person is allowed per receipt.
  • Only one entry per household is allowed.

USPS Customer Feedback Rewards

If you are one of this organization’s regular customers, you might be aware of its services that need improvement. You can help the company by sharing your honest opinion at Additionally, you can also earn various rewards. You can redeem USPS coupons on your next visit. Besides, participants can submit their responses to USPS customer survey once every month.

Your receipt with rewards is valid for 30 days. Therefore, you must claim them before their get expired. On the next visit, submit your USPS validation code and get to enjoy great offers. Remember, your reward depends on details mentioned in your receipt. Furthermore, rewards for taking part in this analysis can change anytime. Overall, it is a good benefit for partaking in USPS Postal Experience com pos.

How to Take Part in USPS Customer Experience Survey?

1. To take this online guest satisfaction survey, you must have a store receipt. Login to to start giving your feedback or just Click Here. survey page Image

2. Choose your preferred language from English or Spanish.

usps customer satisfaction survey questions image

3. For this process of USPS survey based on receipt, it is time to mention your ZIP code and the date of transaction mentioned on your receipt.

USPS Feedback Survey Enter Zip Code Image

4. As you tap on “Next”, a series of questions will begin.

5. Few questions will be asked regarding your previous experience with this firm’s services. And you must answer every question honestly.

6. Later, after answering those questions, tap on “Submit”.

7. Now, enter your personal details such as Age, Gender, Address. Later, press “Next” to complete your survey.

8. Once your survey is complete, you will be rewarded with a discount code. And that coupon gives great benefits on your next visit to this firm.

Prerequisites of USPS Guest Satisfaction Survey

To take part in the postal pos tracking survey, you must have access to all essentials as follows:

  • A valid USPS proof of purchase from your previous or ongoing visit.
  • An internet connection with any type of personal computer or device to use this site.
  • Whole feedback portal is only available in English & Spanish. Hence, you must be aware of anyone of those two.
  • Every customer must have a valid Email ID. Questions

Below mentioned are some survey questions you might encounter while taking part in this feedback portal:

  • How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague on a scale of 0-10?
  • Compared to your previous visit, is our service better, worse, or about the same?
  • How would you rate our customer service on a scale of 1-5?
  • What changes would you recommend for the United States Postal Service?
  • How would you rate your experience with our service?

United States Postal Service Contact Details

All those who need to get in touch with this organization’s representatives read ahead:

  • Phone Number: 1 (800) 275-8777
  • Email:
  • Working Hours: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Support Hours: 24/7
  • Headquarters Address: 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Washington DC 20260-0004
  • USPS Near Me:

About United States Postal Service

USPS is a government agency famous for providing citizens with impeccable mail services and an amazing customer experience. It offers a variety of different shipping rates and delivery speeds to suit specific needs. Besides mailing physical mail, this company offers a broad array of shipping services on its website. This includes everything from international packages to standard domestic services. There are also options for electronic delivery attachments and “Next Day delivery”. With so many different types of shipping, there is a good chance that you can save time and money with this postal service.

USPS maintains several facilities to carry out its operations. Facilities include everything from letter carrier break rooms to international transfer centers. Moreover, package handling facilities are also spread around the country. All-in-all, there is no doubt in saying that USPS is the heart for postal services in America. And is its smart of predicting and understanding what its customers want from it.


What time does USPS close?

USPS hours of closing will most commonly be at 7:00 PM on all business days.

What time does USPS open?

One can observe most of USPS stores opening at 9:00 AM on all business days.

Where is the tracking number on USPS receipt?

Tracking number is located on the bottom of a USPS receipt.

Where in the USPS website do I find the customer satisfaction survey to take?

On the USPS website there will be a feedback option at its homepage’s bottom left corner. But to partake in its customer satisfaction survey go to

How to scan QR code for USPS survey?

Unfortunately, there is no such option to scan QR code for this survey.

How to get USPS coupon code?

Take the official guest experience survey to get USPS coupon codes.

Where to apply coupon on USPS website?

You can apply coupon codes during payment in the final cart.

How to get moving coupons from USPS?

Just request a change of address form at the post office for a package full of moving coupons.

How do I file a complaint with USPS?

Visit to file USPS complaints online.


To conclude, the USPS mycustomer experience is important for you if you are interested in availing some promotional coupons. This article aims to make you understand the whole process of getting a USPS promo code. Furthermore, all readers will get a chance to make their future visits and experience with this organization an enhanced one. In conclusion, whenever you start thinking about this analysis, you should not forget to go through all details mentioned above. Now, it’s your turn to take this opportunity and be one of the participants winning USPS rewards.