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Subway Menu With Prices!

Subway, the popular sandwich restaurant, offers a wide variety of sandwiches, salads and sides. But what is on the menu? What are your options? This post will outline the different items available on the subway menu. So whether you’re a regular customer or trying the subway for the first time, you’ll know what to order!

About Subway

Fast-food chain Subway offers submarine sandwiches (subs), wraps, salads, and beverages. The 17-year-old Connecticut native7 found it in 1965 in Bridgeport, discovered by Fred DeLuca and financed by Peter Buck as Pete’s Super Submarines. A franchise operation began in 1974 with a second restaurant in Wallingford, which was renamed Subway three years later.

Subway has more than 450 restaurants in India. Quick Service Restaurants like Subway have introduced the concept of eating healthy in a convenient format that allows you to grab healthy, non-greasy, and nutritious food on the go. Subs and foot longs are delicious when they contain fresh vegetables and/or meat. Due to its five varieties of bread, including Multigrain, Parmesan Oregano, and Honey Oats, Subway has become a household name in India. Moreover, Subway is conducting a customer survey called Subway Guest Satisfaction Survey to collect customer feedback and offers Fountain drink or a free cookie as a reward.

Subway Menu Prices

Subway is a fast-food restaurant specializing in sub sandwiches and salads. As a result, they are generally considered being healthier fast food choices. Sub sandwiches are available in two sizes, 6 inches and 12 inches, which are also known as foot long subs. Subway’s menu prices for 6-inch subs are very affordable, but foot-long subs are a better value. Check out subway catering prices if you are looking for a catering menu.

Over 35,000 subway restaurants are located in more than 100 countries around the world. With the rise of health-conscious consumers in the 21st century, Subway has rapidly gained popularity. Moreover, if you want more information visit Subway official website.

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Subway Savour Box

Veg Savour Box₹323.80
Savour Box – Veggie Delite₹300
Non Veg Savour Box₹347.60

Subway BFF Combos

BFF Veg Signature Wrap Combo₹456
BFF Veggie Delite [15 cm, 6 Inches, Pack of 2]₹343
BFF Chicken Signature Wrap Combo₹523
BFF Veg Sub Combo [15 cm, 6 Inches]₹352

Subway Specials Fusion Combo

Fusion Smokey Chicken Club Sub [15 cm, 6 inches, Pack of 2] Combo₹606
Fusion Cheesy Aloo Patty Sub [15 cm, 6 inches, Pack of 2] Combo₹514

Subway Fusion Range

Fusion Veg Signature Wrap₹242.86
Fusion Chicken Sandwich₹302.86
Fusion Veg Sandwich₹242.86
Fusion Chicken Signature Wrap₹302.86

Subway Drink Combos

Veg Signature Wrap with Drink Combo₹276.57
Veg Sub with Drink Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹276.05
Chicken Signature Wrap with Drink Combo₹276.57
Chicken Sub with Drink Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹219.43

Subway Cookie Combos

Veg Signature Wrap with Cookie Combo₹300
Chicken Sub with Cookie Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹290.48
Chicken Signature Wrap with Cookie Combo₹333.33
Veg Sub with Cookie Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹242.86

Subway Chips Combos

Veg Sub with Chips Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹188.43
Chicken Sub with Chips Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹236.05
Veg Signature Wrap with Chips Combo₹245.57
Chicken Signature Wrap with Chips Combo₹278.90

Subway Snacks Wrap Combos

Chicken Sub with Snack Wrap Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹322.86
Veg Sub with Snack Wrap Combo [15 cm, 6 inches]₹275.24
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Subway Sandwich Menu (Veg)

Veg Seekh Kebab Sub₹185.71
Veg Shammi Kebab Sub₹204.76
Hara Bhara Kebab Sub₹185.71
Paneer Tikka Sub₹204.76
Aloo Patty Sub₹204.76

Subway Sandwiches (Non Veg)

Chicken Kofta Sub₹228.57
Chicken Teriyaki Sub₹252.38
Tuna Sub₹252.38
Turkey Breast and Chicken Slices Sub₹252.38
Italian B.M.T. Sub₹252.38

Subway Signature Wraps (Veg)

Mexican Patty Signature Wrap₹238.10
Corn and Peas Patty Signature Wrap₹238.10

Subway Signature Wraps (Non Veg)

Roasted Chicken Strips Signature Wrap₹276.19
Tandoori Chicken Tikka Signature Wrap₹276.19
Italiano Roasted Chicken Strips Signature Wrap₹276.19
Tuna Signature Wrap₹276.19

Subway Salads (Non Veg)

Chicken Kofta Salad₹271.43
Tandoori Chicken Tikka Salad₹271.43
Subway Club Salad₹290.48

Subway Salads (Veg)

Veggie Delite Salad₹233.33
Veg Shammi Salad₹252.38
Tandoori Tofu Salad₹252.38

Subway Breakfast

Chicken Slice, Egg and Cheese Sub₹171.43
Western Egg and Cheese Sub₹171.43

Subway Sides

Pepperoni Toastie [Chicken]₹104.76
Classic Salt Lays₹20
Chicken Strips Snack Wrap₹123.81

Subway Cookies & Dessert

Double Dare Chunk Chocolate Cookie₹71.43
Dark Chunk Chocolate Cookie₹71.43

Subway Drinks (Beverages)

7UP [500 ml]₹57.14
Mirinda [330 ml]₹57.14
Slice [350 ml]₹47.62

Subway Raw Pressery

Sugarcane Juice [250 ml]₹76.19
Pomegranate Juice [250 ml]₹142.86
Choco Mint Protein Milkshake [200 ml]₹86


Where is the location of the first subway?

Bridgeport, Connecticut, opened the first subway. It is well known for its salads and subs. Their slogan “Eat Fresh” says it all. They should serve customers fresh menu items each day.

How to order Subway online?

You can order your favorite food via the subway app and pick up your order fastly.

What type of cheese does the subway use?

At Subway, you can choose from a variety of cheeses for your sandwich. These include American Cheese, Provolone, Pepper Jack, Swiss, Cheddar Cheese, and a Monterey Blend.


A subway is a great option for those looking for affordable and healthy meal options. The subway menu with prices we’ve provided will help you plan your next visit to the restaurant. We hope you found our information helpful and informative.